SUVs are getting more expensive to insure

Hello my friend, it’s me, your car insurance premium. I’m not set in stone, but if you’re unlucky enough to live in an area where accident rates are rising significantly, then the start of a new insurance year may see a change in what are known as regional classes. For you, this may mean that you will have to pay a higher premium in the future because the likelihood of accidents in your region has increased. You pay even if you don’t cause an accident.

Higher, faster, farther while protecting the environment? It can be done, as these four promising start-ups demonstrate through their success and victory in KfW's Grunden 2020 award.

Lightning delivery of vaccinations and medicines

Going green with these startups

With the speed of an ICE train, the Wingcopter brings medicines and vaccines to any desired location. (Photo: Wingcopter) The Wingcopter is a drone that transports medicines and vaccines from point A to point B at speeds of up to 240 mph. The two founders started tinkering with such a solution early on. So says one of the founders and CEO, Tom Plummer:

Telemedicine guide: history, benefits, implementation and more

The changes we’ve seen in healthcare have been a source of debate in recent years. The Big Data revolution in particular has been heating up – not entirely without justification. Because it’s not just about capturing large amounts of data, but also knowing how to analyze it. The more effective the data analytics, the more accurate they provide information about patient health and how lifestyle or genetic factors may be influencing it. And the current technological transformation goes even further. Soon, telemedicine could also change the face of healthcare or even the healthcare system as a whole.

What costs are incurred for the protection of one's own building project?

Storm damage, material defects in the building material or even vandalism can cost you dearly as a builder. In addition to the actual damage, the construction delay that occurs is often associated with high costs. In order to protect ourselves against this, it is worthwhile to take out construction work insurance. You can find out what costs you can expect for this insurance from the cost check expert in our interview.

Why rental car insurance is important, even if you already have car insurance

Accidents with a rental car are especially annoying, because often you have to pay a high deductible despite having car insurance or even comprehensive insurance. Depending on the vehicle and the provider, sums in the four-digit range can accumulate.

Even the reduction of the deductible is often associated with surcharges of up to 20 euros per day.

It happens thousands of times a day and anyone can be affected from one moment to the next – a traffic accident. In addition to the trouble on the spot, it is not uncommon for problems to arise in the course of settling the claim with the opposing insurance company.

The shares of responsibility are not always clear in advance. Especially in such cases it is advantageous to be supported by an experienced lawyer. But even in supposedly simple cases, in which the question of guilt seems to be clarified clearly to the detriment of the other side or this is expressly admitted by the other party, it is worthwhile to have the settlement of the claim handled by a lawyer.

Game accident and game damage - what you should know

Now in midsummer and the following autumn, there is an increase in wildlife accidents. We explain why this is the case and give you tips on what you can do to avoid a wildlife accident and how you should behave in the event of a wildlife accident.

Gasoline costs, general maintenance, taxes – motorists may argue about which car is now the best, but in terms of cost they agree. A car costs money and is the worst piggy bank ever. A lot of money goes in at the top, nothing actually comes out. This also affects owners of e-cars, because they save taxes, but the price situation at the charging stations is often not so simple that you could hold it against a primary school student. Rather it imitates strange text tasks. It's no wonder that many drivers want to save on car insurance and are considering a switch. But what matters in a new insurance and what points are absolutely important?

Minimum module and basis: the liability of the car insurance

Every car insurance includes the motor vehicle liability insurance. This is often forgotten in the case of comprehensive insurance, but this is actually only supplementary insurance that builds on the liability insurance. Without this cornerstone a car can not be registered. In fact, the registration authorities are not interested in how a car is insured. She is interested purely in motor liability. As a compulsory insurance, it is defined by law, but no motorist should adhere to these minimum standards:

Tips, documents and requirements for a trip to London

One of the essential steps before leaving for London is to check whether we meet all the requirements for a trip to London. The documents required vary depending on the tourist's origin, whether they are from the European Union (EU) or outside it.

Below you will find an index with all the points we will cover in this article.

Car insurance: Why not only novice drivers pay more

There are various characteristics of an insured car and its driver that have a significant influence on the risk of an accident. This is proven by a current statistic.