Prime minister pedro passos coelho on saturday expressed his "deep concern" about a court ruling that the previous evening had declared several austerity decisions by the center-right government illegal.

It's kase weeks at burger-king, also in the branch in himmelkron. But the employees are currently pissed off about something else entirely: a report on RTL with investigative journalist gunter wallraff. He had smuggled in a reporter incognito in a west german restaurant of the chain. What he had to offer was impressively unappetizing: germy burgers, ingredients that remained unrefrigerated for hours. In addition work contracts, which carry exploitative zuge.

When talking to BR, none of the employees in himmelkron wants to come out of hiding at first. Only when we pledged anonymity did one of the employees agree to pay. "The shown conditions are blatant. But I can say for our branch: that certainly doesn't happen here."

Traffic jams in leipzig's karl-liebknecht-strabe from late afternoon onwards. But that's not because of the traffic, but because of the long lines of people in front of the bike department east.

Windsor (dpa) – prince harry and meghan drive through the evening sun in a shining blue convertible. It's the last public appearance on their wedding day. The jaguar is chic and classic – and yet different.

Mayor nico rogge drew attention to the hygiene concepts at the youngest municipal council meeting in the run-up to the upcoming castle meetings. These had to be adhered to at all three locations. Drinks, says rogge, may be sold, meals will not be available. A maximum of 100 participants can be admitted per meeting. In this context, rogge regretted that the state building authority was unfortunately unable to give a presentation to the burgers.

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Termination without cause - is it justified?

The dismissal is probably the best known way to terminate an employment relationship. Since it usually has serious consequences for the employee, the legislator sets high requirements for the effectiveness of the unilateral termination of the employment contract. But what does it actually look like if a notice of termination is given without giving reasons?? Is a termination without cause legal? We would like to answer these and other questions for you in the following once.

What is meant by res judicata is described quite well by this old Roman legal principle: Contra rem iudicatam non audietur – against a decided matter one is not heard. Judicial decisions should be unappealable as of a certain date in order to establish legal peace and legal certainty. A judicial decision is always final if there is no legal remedy available to challenge the decision. Appeal and revision are available against a penalty order of the local court. If the time limit for filing an appeal has expired, the penalty judgment becomes legally binding – it is final.

When does the penalty order become legally binding??

There is only one legal remedy to challenge a penalty order – an appeal. If the objection is not lodged within the 2-week period, the penalty order is equivalent to a final judgment, as can be read in §410 Para. 3 Code of Criminal Procedure. After expiration of the objection period, the penalty order is legally binding, since it cannot be appealed. The legal remedies of appeal or revision are also excluded.

A super-rich U.S. man is funding an Israeli newspaper that its critics say represents the interests of one person above all others: Israel's prime minister

It is interference in Israel's "internal affairs" when other countries donate to Israeli non-governmental organizations; it must be disclosed and, better yet, limited. At least that's what Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's prime minister, thinks, and is calling for tougher laws. When it comes to financial support from private individuals, he doesn't see it so closely.

For example, there's entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish U.S. citizen who is married to an Israeli woman and has 20. Ranked in the "Forbes" world ranking of the richest people. Not only does he have a fortune estimated at $30.4 billion, he also apparently has a thing for Netanyahu's political course. In 2007, Sheldon Adelson launched a new free daily newspaper, "Israel HaYom" ("Israel Today"), financed from his private purse and with a pro-Netanyahu political slant, in order to set a conservative tone in Israel's media landscape.

According to a recent study, women have statistically significantly higher scores in leadership skills than men. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, CEOs of the consulting firm Zenger / Folkman, used 360-degree measurements to examine how people rate the effectiveness of leaders in terms of leadership competencies: Women in leadership positions are more competent than their male counterparts, they found. Why are there still so few women in TOP management positions such as executive board, supervisory board or advisory board??

There is a shortage of women at higher levels of management. There have been many cultural biases against women for centuries, and those biases are slow to change. A woman on the supervisory board, management board or advisory board is still exotic. Men are more likely to be trusted with these TOP leadership roles. It pays to have women in top management positions because it improves company results.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT’s Department of Architecture is one of the oldest and most prestigious architecture schools in the country. It is known for its innovative research and teaching methods. The department also offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in architecture. As well as a number of specialized programs, including architectural history, theory, and criticism.