E-charging station black grout?

Mayor nico rogge drew attention to the hygiene concepts at the youngest municipal council meeting in the run-up to the upcoming castle meetings. These had to be adhered to at all three locations. Drinks, says rogge, may be sold, meals will not be available. A maximum of 100 participants can be admitted per meeting. In this context, rogge regretted that the state building authority was unfortunately unable to give a presentation to the burgers.

Oerlenbach's mayor also addressed the topic of amazon and its pay practices in the municipal council. He confirmed the last published data and referred to a letter from the mail order company, which arrived after the last meeting. This also includes the negotiated wage for logistics employees in bavaria of 11.62 euros.

New substation

If the immission limits are complied with and the fences are sufficiently fenced in, it will be permissible to build a new wind farm in the area of the "schwarze pfutze" a transformer station is to be built. It is to serve the solar park in mabbach. This approval was passed by the municipal council without any dissenting votes. If possible, council members noted, there could be a charging station for e-bikes and one for cars.

With one exception, the council unanimously gave its "yes" for the building applications submitted. The developer of a hall near rottershausen, whose building application was extended for two years, and the planner for a two-family house in oerlenbach can be pleased about this. A new single-family house is being built in eltingshausen, and a dilapidated barn in ebenhausen may be demolished.

New building rejected

Nothing, however, will happen with the new building in ebenhausen. The construction site is located – as confirmed by the district office – in the area of the auburn. The modern construction method now submitted does not fit in with the local appearance, according to the council.

In the culture committee, members will discuss how to respond to the letter from TV mainfranken. The local television station had submitted an offer for a local sports council.

The district office collects ideas for its network of cycle paths. Among other things, the council members expressed the wish to improve the links between ebenhausen and nearby pfersdorf for the padal knights.

Congratulations for business leaders

One day after the council meeting, werner rauh celebrated his jubilee. The manager has been in office for 30 years, and mayor rogge presented him with a small gift for his commitment.

The council members had received several messages about the fluctuations in the telecom network. The administration will try to clarify the situation.

Allianz manager as guest

Eva fenn gave the council an overview of the history, present and future of the alliance oberes werntal. The alliance manager also referred to the fact that the thematic fields will be reallocated in the circle of mayors before the end of the year. Ten municipalities currently pay into the alliance. It was one of the first and has served as a model for many subsequent mergers of municipalities. In particular, the company's commitment to inner-city development and thus to local centers is known beyond the borders of lower franconia.

Anna katharina paar gave a detailed presentation of the okomodellregion to the community council, reported on the projects that have been carried out together and invited all stakeholders to participate. She especially praised the active organic farmers in the community and in the region.

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