SUV costs tax deductibly: Tips for employees and the self-employed

SUV costs are a large item in the expenses of employees and the self-employed. Even though the biggest item is acquisition costs, recurring expenses should not be underestimated. Many professionals can deduct these expenses from their taxes on a pro-rata basis and reduce their tax burden by taking credit for these expenses. But very few people make use of this in their private vehicles.

Which costs are tax deductible and in which amount?

Tax deduction options are based on percentage of business use. In order to qualify for a tax credit, at least 50% of the SUV must be used for business purposes by self-employed persons and between 10% and 50% by employees. Business use includes, for example, daily travel to work, as well as business trips in a private vehicle. If a self-employed person uses the privately purchased SUV more than 50% for business trips, it is automatically classified as business assets.

UBS reports strong first quarter results

UBS has a net profit of 2.1bn in Q1 2022. USD generated. This is the best quarterly result since 2007. This was well above expectations for the major bank. While Asset Management declined somewhat, the Investment Bank more than doubled pre-tax profits. Swiss business also grew above estimates.

The death penalty has long been a contentious issue in U.S. history – and even more so when the condemned is a woman. The following is a list of women whose crimes in a cruel and unforgiving era granted them no leniency and led them to the gallows.

10Paula Angel

Top 10 horrific accounts of women sentenced to the gallows

Photo credit: New Mexico Historian

What is microlending and how does it work?

The peer-to-peer economy has revolutionized the way people do business, and the financial sector has seen some impressive advances in the use of P2P applications. One of the most used applications is microlending or microloans. Microloans are small loans issued by individuals rather than banks or credit unions. These loans can be issued by a single person or aggregated across a number of people, each contributing a portion of the total amount. ( See also: economic fundamentals of the sharing economy .)

Often, microloans are made to people in third-world countries where traditional financing is not available to help them start small businesses. Lenders receive interest on their loans and repayment of the loan as soon as the loan is due. Because the credit quality of these borrowers is very low and the risk of default is high, microloans dominate market interest rates, making them attractive to some investors.

A private loan contract is an agreement between a lender and a borrower in which the lender lends the borrower a certain amount of money on certain terms, such as interest and repayment schedule.

There are different types of private loan agreements, such as family loans, friendship loans, peer group loans, and crowdfunding loans.

Love is alive

Carla has "quit" her children as a mother. They are outraged and horrified. From left: Rita (Ulrike C. Tscharre), Doro (Jordis Triebel), Carla (Maren Kroymann) and Phillipp (Stefan Konarske).
© ZDF / W&B Television / Frederic Batier

Love is alive

Carla quits. And what she throws down is not little: 250.000 for each of her three children who have long since grown up. Carla doesn't like to be the obligatory one for the children anymore. Maren Kroymann plays the lead role in the amusing ZDF family comedy "Mother Quits.

Credit comparison .

Other good reasons to avoid a large-scale credit institution could be, for example, previous, bad experiences with credit. Even if there are already loans and the personal credit account has some entries to record, the lending by a bank will be difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages with personal loans

  • Variable runtime
  • Variable interest rate
  • Variable redemption
  • Credit granted even with comparatively low creditworthiness
  • Consideration of personal circumstances, such as the reason and purpose for taking out the loan
  • If the lender himself is creditworthy can therefore provide the loan amount at all
  • High provision of collateral required
  • comparatively high interest rates are charged
  • can show ratings and possibly reviews from previous customers

Credit seekers should be wary of lenders who require up-front payments and the provision of unusual information. For those customers, the option of personal credit is the best alternative.

Housing Promotion Act and social housing construction

Whether renting or buying: finding a suitable apartment is not always easy. There are some households that have it particularly hard, such as large families with low income, people with disabilities or single parents. In order to help these population groups and to make adequate housing possible, the Housing Promotion Act was created.

What is the Housing Assistance Act?

The Housing Promotion Act (WoFG) is a federal law that came into force in 2002 and replaced previous measures. The regulations contained therein are intended to ensure that all those households who would otherwise be disadvantaged in the housing market are also provided with adequate housing. This primarily includes the following groups of people:

Sabbatical: Things to know about taking a career break

Many dream of the so-called sabbatical, i.e. a longer-term break from everyday working life. One in ten Germans has already done so, and a good 20 percent of the remaining employees can imagine taking a sabbatical. This is what a survey by the social network Xing shows. As tempting as a break from work for several months may be, it also carries risks. We show how to prepare perfectly, what regulations there are and what to look out for.

Marina, a 37-year-old product designer, has long dreamed of a big trip. Originally, I wanted to do this when I retire and have time to spare. But who knows if I'm still fit for something like that at almost seventy," Marina laughs. "In my job, I have to be creative. Foreign countries and cultures mean creative input for me. Another reason for me to take a sabbatical now."Marina doesn't want to give up her secure job for this under any circumstances.

Katja Langenbucher: The EU is still struggling to find an up-to-date regulation. Discrimination prohibitions alone are not enough

AI-based credit default risks should be treated with caution

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows prediction of future events that until now "only God knew about," as Mikio Okumura, president of Japanese insurance group Sompo, was recently quoted as saying. The company had collected data on the lifestyle habits of nursing home residents and tested it for its correlation with the onset of dementia symptoms. In this way, one not only achieves progress in medical prevention, but also improves the risk-adjusted calculation of insurance premiums.

In the world of consumer credit conquered by fintechs, such predictions have long been used. Less surprisingly, data on account activity, shopping and payment behavior online can tell you about a potential borrower's cash flow history. However, age, gender or place of residence can also provide relevant information for assessing the risk of credit default. The same applies to the educational or migratory background, religious community or a party affiliation. Platforms that deal with the assessment of credit default risks do not stop there. Relevant correlations may also be provided, for example, by friends on social media, musical tastes or leisure behavior. The same goes for the brand of cell phone you use, the number of typos in text messages, or the time it takes to fill out an online form.