There will be a continuation date. Then the woman who spoke of "disgust and shame" in july 2018 will have her say spoke. In room 11 of the district court, a case about exhibitionist acts was called up on friday.

Action for protection against dismissal - your options in the event of dismissal

It often comes unexpectedly and then hits all the harder: If your employer has given notice, you don’t have to accept it in all cases. The first and most important step is to question whether the termination is even effective in the sense of the Dismissal Protection Act (KSchG). For this purpose, the legislator has created the possibility of an action for protection against dismissal. In the court proceedings, it is checked whether the termination meets all basic and formal requirements to become effective.

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Give 3 weeks notice
The filing of an action for protection against dismissal is only possible within a period of three weeks.

Look for a German lawyer admitted to the bar Switzerland/Germany, who is an expert in German and Swiss divorce and family law? There are many international marriages in Switzerland, also with reference to Germany. If such a couple wants to divorce, many questions arise Do you need competent legal advice for an international divorce in relation to Switzerland Germany or Germany Switzerland? Your lawyer for all legal questions regarding Swiss and German law concerning separation, divorce, matrimonial protection, custody and alimony in Zurich supports you in cross-border legal issues Switzerland/Germany.

Divorce lawyer and owner of law firm

I and my team advise and represent individuals in employment law, inheritance law and family law as well as in retirement and estate planning. My focus is on divorce, separation and matrimonial protection.

Divorce Online

Often people are very involved in their careers or have already reached an amicable agreement with their still-spouse on the distribution of property after the marriage. In most cases, the divorce should simply be executed as quickly and easily as possible. In these cases, it might be worthwhile to issue a divorce order online. This option has only existed for a few years, but it has several advantages over the traditional procedure.

Submit documents for the divorce online

The term online divorces is somewhat misleading. Finally, it implies that divorces can be carried out online, which is not so true.

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Special leave in case of death: everything you didn't know but should know!

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Labor law

For the employee, the employment relationship is regularly at the center of his or her own lifestyle, in addition to his or her family and other activities. Likewise, for the employer, dealing with his own workforce in a way that is as problem-free and factually sound as possible is an indispensable prerequisite for the functionality of his company.
In connection with the workplace, questions and necessities often arise that require clarification under employment law and legal representation.
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With our free divorce cost calculator you can calculate yourself the expected legal and court costs of divorce.

Divorce cost calculator: The costs of your divorce

Divorce incurs costs, that's clear – but how expensive will it be?? With our free divorce cost calculator, you can quickly and easily determine what a divorce will probably cost you in legal fees and court costs. By the way, the divorce cost calculator also works when it comes to the dissolution of a registered civil partnership.

Legal remedies - Ask the lawyers!

In American movies and especially TV series (our favorite example here again "Law& Order"), you can always see a lawyer jumping up and shouting "Objection" Oscar-worthy. The objection is a legal remedy in Austria. However, appeals do not come into play only in the middle of the trial and during cross-examination of the opposing counsel.

Appeals are a formalized challenge to an administrative or judicial decision. Each appeal is bound to a certain time limit. Mag. Katharina Winkler, PLL.M von Pitzal/Cerny/Partner Rechtsanwalte OG is again a commentator and guest author for us.

The average salary for lawyers in America depends on many factors. A key factor in determining annual salary is the attorney’s geographic location.

Lawyers earn an average of 94 according to Indeed.446 dollars per year. However, that’s just one source.