The Corona pandemic also has the local communications industry firmly in its grip. Martin Bonelli, lawyer at the German Association of Communication Agencies (GWA), gives companies and agencies advice on the most pressing legal issues.

Cancellations, data protection and short-time work: tips for companies

Even if an employer sends its employees to the home office, it must ensure data protection. 

All rise for the honorable court dogs! These specially trained therapy dogs, slowly making their way to courts across the country, help witnesses and victims as they take their stand.

There is something about the way a dog looks at you with his soft brown eyes that immediately puts you at ease. However stressed and anxious you may be, your worries somehow melt away when a dog rests his head in your lap and asks you for affection. Dogs' ability to provide love and security is well known – that's why therapy dogs are so common. But there's another job dogs can do that you may not know about – as witness/victim advocates.

What is a court of justice?

Divorce without a war of the roses - tips and negotiation strategies for a peaceful separation

Separation is never easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to a nerve-wracking war of the roses in every case. Even if separations or. Divorces are painful, but they also offer a chance for a new beginning. But what can you do to ensure that a separation does not end in a bitter dispute?

Growing tomatoes in the apartment: how to succeed in cultivation on the windowsill!

Those who do not have a garden do not have to do without fresh tomatoes from home cultivation. Growing tomatoes indoors can easily be done on a windowsill at home. How to care for them from sowing to harvesting tomatoes is explained in detail below.

How many times have you wondered what your dream job is? The truth is that this question can be awkward to some extent, but it needs to be asked. So today, we're going to talk to you about the be

The truth is that in the 21. There are many opportunities available to you in the twenty-first century. However, it is important that it suits your taste and not the other way around.

Tips for a long-distance relationship that lasts

Don’t let distance stop you from having amazing sex.

Soon it will be time – for this year’s exchange students, departure is just around the corner. Most of them are moving to the USA. It is high time to familiarize themselves with the customs and traditions of their host country.

Many German teenagers are familiar with the American way of life from movies and television. And yet some things are quite different "on site" than expected. In order to make a good start, Carl Duisberg Centren offers a few tips on the most important cultural differences.

Reactive dog - If he freaks out while walking the dog

Do you know this feeling, when your reactive dog freaks out at a certain thing during a walk and you already dread the next walk??

I feel for you, I have been through it too!

Even if the benefits of working from home have long been scientifically proven, many employers in Germany remain skeptical. The image of working from home is simply difficult to reconcile with our German presence culture.

Maybe that's why Germany is a bit behind in international comparison. Only 26% of employees can also work remotely. In the U.S., it's about 40%.

One feels well advised and in good hands, one has confidence in the lawyer and is given new impetus for the future and encouragement.

Mr. Riethmuller represented me. I was very well advised and he gave everything to achieve the planned goal. I can only recommend the law firm!