What are the highest paying professions?

How many times have you wondered what your dream job is? The truth is that this question can be awkward to some extent, but it needs to be asked. So today, we're going to talk to you about the be

The truth is that in the 21. There are many opportunities available to you in the twenty-first century. However, it is important that it suits your taste and not the other way around.

There's no point in studying something that's in high demand and that you don't enjoy doing. Come on, it's a decision that will change your life, so it's time to pay attention to it.

Are you ready for it?

Top 10 best paying jobs today

If you have recently wondered what profession you need to study in order to achieve your dreams , you have come to the right place. We know this is one of the most important questions in your life, so you need to give it the importance it deserves.

In the following list you will find some professions that have a high earning potential. However, these are very technical jobs, so you need to prepare as much as possible if you want to make the most money from them.

1. Stockbroker

We'll start our list with an occupation that has had a lot of biases throughout our lives. Until a few years ago, the profession of stockbroker was not synonymous with prestige, and many had the idea that they were people who sought any kind of negotiation only to make money.

The truth is that it's a very complex profession where you have to act as an intermediary between investors and companies to give your clients the best opportunity to make money.

Of course, you need to have a good nose for deals and relationships, because you need to study the market numbers and the companies on the market to find the best opportunity.

Their average salary depends on the characteristics of the broker and the number of operations, but usually ranges between 50.000 and 60.000 euros.

2. Physician

Second on our list is a profession that has historically paid well almost everywhere in the world.

The job of a doctor is to save lives, take care of the health of his patients and prevent diseases as much as possible. That is why it is so well paid, because it requires knowledge that is difficult and time consuming to acquire.

In Germany and parts of the European Union, health professionals earn more than 60.000 a year, but there are also some who easily double this amount.

It depends on the specialty, years of experience and whether the doctor works in a public hospital or a private clinic. However, it is a good alternative for those who have this vocation to serve. Do you have?

3. Software developer

We continue our tour and now it's the turn of the software developer. As you may have noticed, this is one of the most sought after professions around the world as software and computers have taken over our days.

Apps are indispensable tools for all of us. It doesn't matter if it's a voice app , a calendar or a platform to manage your work appointments. You always need someone to get these things done and, most importantly, to take care of them.

However, how much a software developer earns depends on the position they hold and whether they are employed or self-employed. However, in recent studies we have found that the standard salary is around 40.000 euros per year. Not bad, or?

4. Pharmacist

Yes, it may surprise you, but it is a profession that is fundamental to maintaining people's health.

Simply put, he is the professional responsible for developing drugs, vaccines and other treatments that matter to people. Here we find everything from nutritional supplements to cosmetic products.

Your salary is a bit lower than a doctor's, but still attractive compared to other professions. It is currently around 50,000 euros and depends on where you work.

5. Architect

Now it's the architect's turn, a professional who plans, designs and builds the infrastructures we see around us.

Creativity and technical knowledge play an important role in this profession. It takes knowledge of design, math, history , art, color and even materials to create structures that will stand the test of time.

How much can you earn in Germany?? As in other cases, it depends on the position you hold and where you work, but we have found that the average income is around 40.000 euros per year.

6. Hardware Engineer

We come back to computer science because we find it in our daily lives in one way or another.

In this case we have the hardware engineer, who is responsible for the design and development of the physical part of the computer equipment. This includes mobile devices, computers and all electronic devices.

This professional focuses on the security, efficiency and functionality of the devices they develop . Therefore, he is in constant communication with other engineers and professionals to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Currently, his income can be 60.exceed 000 euros per year. So if this field appeals to you, it's time to take it seriously.

7. Economist

Let's be honest: how many economists do you know? Certainly it is a small number, because it is a complex profession that studies the phenomena that make up the social science of resource allocation.

However, economists are extremely important for the daily life of any country. In the private sector, they are responsible for controlling company figures. You develop new solutions to optimize processes and conduct market research to find new opportunities.

Likewise, a professional of this type can study the poverty rate and economic development in the public sector in national and international organizations, which shows how important this is for the development of any nation.

The income is even higher than 70.000 euros , but you have to prepare very well if you want to reach this level.

8. Commercial Pilot

Now it's time to talk about one of the most appealing professions of all: commercial pilot .

Yes, you have probably imagined yourself flying a plane and bringing thousands of people to their destination . Seeing thousands of countries, looking at the world from above and earning the respect of many people is part of the everyday life of these professionals.

Have always been well-paid and likely will continue to be so because they play such an important role. Currently, a pilot in the European Union can earn up to 100.Earning 000 euros a year. It depends on the airline you work for and the flight hours you accumulate.

9. Lawyer

One of the most sought-after professions that many want to continue studying today. Defending the innocent, enforcing the law and contributing to one's country , are some of the goals of all those who love this profession.

However, the income depends on where you work and, above all, on your specialty, because a criminal lawyer is not the same as a lawyer who is an expert in maritime law.

However, the average salary can be around 50.000 euros per year, a more than interesting income.

10. Marketing

And finally we have marketing. In this case, we didn't want to get too specific because marketing is divided into several areas, so it would be unfair to name one specialist without mentioning the others.

The competition in the market is brutal. Digitization has flattened opportunities, so it's time to develop strategies that increase your value and differentiate you from others.

In this sense, the income of a market professional can be of 40.000 euros per year up to 100.000 or more will be enough. That depends entirely on you.


5 tips for choosing your ideal profession

Once you have seen this list, you will surely have a better idea of what are the best alternatives you have for your career choice.

However, you need to consider many other factors besides salary. Satisfaction, usefulness and goals are equally or even more important.

Here are some tips that will help you find the job of your dreams:

1. Discover your talents and skills

Before you start, you should first find out what talents you have . Think about the fact that there is always something you are good at that makes you stand out from the crowd, so your job is to find it and make the most of it.

To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you usually particularly good at?
  • What do your friends ask you for advice on?
  • Do you have a calling to serve?
  • What do you usually do in your free time?

Once you know the answers, you're a little closer to your ideal career choice.

2. Conduct market research on existing professions.

Once you know what you're good at, it's time to look at the professions that appeal to you the most.

Attention, at this point it is important that you focus on the jobs that are most in demand and match your skills. You should never put the money in the foreground, otherwise you will choose professions you do not like, just because they seem to bring a good income.

So make a list of the most attractive offers and choose the one you like best.

3. Make a list of the universities and schools that are available.

If you've already decided on a course of study, it's time to choose the right university for you.

Do your research from the most well-known to the smallest. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so you can't judge them until you know them inside and out.

Evaluate their academic offerings, facilities , curriculum and teaching staff. Oh, and don't forget the location – if it's in another city, you'll have to make more of an effort.

4. Don't lose sight of the job market

And yes, you can't choose a career if you don't appreciate the job market, can you? A profession can be very nice, but if there is no demand, there is little point in spending three or five years in a classroom.

That's why we say there has to be a combination of many elements: high demand for jobs, passion for the field, and opportunities for economic growth.

If you see a career that suits you, it is the right one for you.

5. Collect feedback from your environment

Last but not least it is about opinions. Yes, family and friends will always have their own opinions on a particular topic. Some may be very hateful and others simply do not share our vision , but they all want the best for you.

Therefore, we recommend you to listen to the opinions of the people who are close to you. They won't always agree, but many of them have more experience than you do, so they have reason to give you their arguments.

In fact, nowadays there are several jobs that are among the best paid , which is why we thought it made a lot of sense to write a post about them. The most important thing is not to choose a well-paying job, but one that fits your desires and vision for your life.

With the advent of the Internet, new job opportunities have emerged while others have simply become obsolete. So the idea is that you create an outline of what you want to accomplish in the near future to start working on it.

We hope this article has shed some light on the alternatives you have right now to choose the career of your dreams. Take your time, because your future depends on this decision.

And already know which is the highest paying job that fits your needs? We will read you in the comments.

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