Lichtenfelser gives a 15. july full of “disgust and shame

There will be a continuation date. Then the woman who spoke of "disgust and shame" in july 2018 will have her say spoke. In room 11 of the district court, a case about exhibitionist acts was called up on friday.

The 45-year-old from lichtenfels did not have much to say. But whether the charge alone spoke for itself is also not clear. Because the incident of 15. July really start with a frightening incident from the past?

Against 21.45 o'clock the so far confessed accused in lichtenfels is supposed to have driven past several times with his passenger car at a fubgangerin, in order to manipulate for her visibly at his member. For the most part, the defendant's lawyer, regina taubert, responded to questions posed by judge alexander zenefels and prosecutor tatjana winterholer.

They revolved around the 45-year-old's past history. The spent in suicide danger already times in a clinical center. The reason for this was a double death that took place in front of his eyes, which was also traumatizing because of its cruelty. From this history the question arose whether the accused action was equivalent to a ventilating function in the man in stressful situations. What this might suggest was that the man had already attracted attention years ago by doing something similar and at that time for "family reasons" had given as reason.

At this point, however, it also came up that the accused had been examined at the time and an expert had certified that he had not had to commit the crime. But the man also certified that there was "no danger of repetition" testimony.

At this point, judge alexander zenefels asked about another point: "the public prosecutor at the time had asked you if you wanted to be treated – at that time you refused." winterholer also picked up on this and attested to the defendant's "dark answers", after all, he has already once refused therapy.

A social pedagogue who was present at the trial took up the cudgels for the man from lichtenfels, even though he also had "difficulty accessing his feelings" have. This testimony was also the basis for the court's decision to suspend the proceedings for the time being, and to require the defendant to undergo an evaluation with regard to a "sexual adaptation disorder" to come.

A decision that also suited the defender taubert. The latter stated that her client was "found in a desolate condition" when she first met him and the understanding of the necessity for treatment has increased. Continuation of official appointment.

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