Stable real estate sector in the Asia-Pacific region

Although threats to the economic climate are increasing globally, real estate investors in the Asia-Pacific region continue to generate stable returns. Thus, according to Jonathan Hsu of M&G, the total return in the real estate sector in this region is estimated at 8.7 percent in 2019.

As if the plant operators had not already had enough trouble with their solar plant: The Free State of Saxony is taking legal action against several dozen plant operators who own a solar plant on the site of the former hunter barracks in Schneeberg. The reason for this is alleged damage to the roofs caused by the installation of the solar systems. Depending on the building, claims of over one million euros are in the balance.

Nothing good has remained of the former showcase project

A total of 114 individual turbines with a total output of around 1 megawatt have been installed on the former barracks site, which now houses a police academy. The plants were designed as so-called "citizen solar plants": Solar systems were installed on around 40 buildings, which were then sold – split into individual systems of around 10 kWp each – to various investors throughout Germany.

You currently live and work in China incl. Hong Kong and want to finance a property in Germany? Then you have come to the right place, because we specialize in real estate financing for sog. Non-residents (expats, non-residents. ) specialized. Even with residence and place of work in China (z.B. Shanghai or Hong Kong) we can arrange favorable financing for properties located in Germany.

We finance your real estate in Germany also with residence in China

Since March 2016 at the latest, German banks have been very reluctant to grant real estate loans to consumers outside Germany. Most refuse to grant credit as a matter of principle. Even if you financed a property in Germany with a bank before March 2016, today you usually earn head shaking when it comes to new/further real estate financing. There are many reasons for this business policy. But the core issue is always that most banks have legal concerns and lack internal processes for financing approval. And when a bank lacks internal processes, nothing works out.

Tax-efficient strategies for international clients

Around the world, it is difficult to find a crevice of the earth's surface untouched by the forces of globalization. The Industrial Revolution, Internet Age and Cultural Revolutions have both literally and figuratively reshaped the way we connect, trade and engage with global commerce.

Of all the animals shaken by the pressures of a globalized world, our financial markets and economic systems have been seriously disrupted. With reduced trade barriers, increased mobility of human capital, improved infrastructure and market integration, international investors seeking diversification are looking to access U.S. investments more than ever before.