Notice period and notice template


Notice period and notice template

Inform here about the periods of notice in the motor vehicle insurance and use our free notice template to the motor vehicle insurance change.

How to cancel the car insurance

The cancellation of the motor insurance must always be made by the policyholder.

Cancellations of a motor vehicle insurance contract should always be made in writing and, if possible, by "registered mail with return receipt" take place.

When terminating car insurance, be sure to observe the applicable notice periods!

Notice period for ordinary termination

The ordinary termination of a car insurance is always at the end of the contract (in most cases at the end of the insurance year, if the insurance year is linked to the calendar year) with a notice period of 4 weeks.

So that you in most cases the car insurance until the deadline 30.11. to terminate on 01.01. of the following year to a more favorable Kfz insurance to change.

Cancellation template

We provide a template for cancelling car insurance here as a free download.

With this cancellation form you can cancel your car insurance quickly and easily.

" Cancellation form for car insurance

Period of notice for extraordinary termination

An extraordinary termination of the motor insurance is still possible after the deadline 30.11, z.B. if your car insurance has settled a claim or if the premiums for the car insurance have increased to 01.01 of the following year.

Also with the special right of termination because of premium increase there is a period of notice of 4 weeks to consider, the period of notice begins from the entrance of the contribution calculation with the answer over the increase of the insurance premiums.

Example: If you receive the premium bill for the next year with a higher premium on 15. December, you still have until the 15. January of the following year cancel the car insurance due to the existing special right of cancellation because of premium increase.

This termination option exists within the scope of the legislation. In practice, however, only theoretically, because:

Which motor vehicle insurance company can be voluntarily changed to a retroactive start of insurance as of 01.01. a?

Only very few insurance companies with different cut-off dates for retroactive contract conclusion.

Important: In practice, most insurance companies allow you to cancel your policy by the cut-off date: 31.12. take out a new car insurance or. apply!

When giving extraordinary notice of termination, always state the reason why you are terminating the motor vehicle insurance, otherwise the insurance company will not have to recognize your special right of termination and may reject the notice of termination of the motor vehicle insurance as unfounded.

"Cancellation form for car insurance

30. November cut-off date for termination

Important information about changing your car insurance in 2016

This year, the cancellation date for the motor insurance falls on a Monday. The cancellation of the car insurance should therefore be sent to the car insurer in good time.

Cancel your car insurance in time

Since the deadline for the change of the motor vehicle insurance is 30.11. falls on a Monday, the written cancellation of the car insurance should be sent in good time, because only by sending the cancellation letter in good time can the risk of a cancellation rejection be excluded.

If the notice of termination is not given until Tuesday, i.e. 1.12. the motor insurer, the motor insurer will no longer accept your cancellation and will reject it on the grounds of non-compliance with the statutory period of notice!

This is also the recommendation of the German Insurance Association e.V. (GDV), after which the insurers are obliged to 30.11 as the cut-off date.

The cancellation must be sent to the insurer by 30 days before the end of the insurance period. November!

We therefore recommend that you give notice of termination no later than 27. November by registered mail with return receipt to the motor insurer to send. Only in this way can you prove the timely receipt of the cancellation letter by the motor insurer!

Cancellation of car insurance is possible with a planned change of insurance on 01. January necessary!

If you terminate your motor vehicle insurance on 01.01. want to change, it is absolutely necessary that you terminate the existing contract in time.

For legal reasons, it is not possible for us or the new motor insurer to terminate the policy.

Therefore, please remember to send the notice of termination of your car insurance to your car insurer in good time so that you receive the desired new car insurance.

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