Saving electricity in the home

Saving electricity in the home

With ever-increasing electricity costs, even the last consumer becomes price-sensitive. Saving electricity is easy. Anyone who reviews their behavior and subjects electrical and household appliances to a critical check can quickly identify the biggest power guzzlers. Our tips will quickly relieve your electricity bill.

Save electricity when buying equipment

Even when purchasing new electrical or household appliances, there is a lot you can do to prevent excessive power consumption. Electricity-saving household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and televisions can be identified by the familiar EU efficiency label. Appliances in the green classes A to A+++ are particularly energy-efficient. In the store, on the other hand, you should leave devices that can’t be turned off. Because electricity is always consumed in standby mode. With older household appliances, it is often worth testing with an electronic measuring device, the so-called wattmeter, which can be borrowed from consumer organizations or energy providers. It is plugged in between the device plug and the socket and the power consumption is displayed. The biggest power guzzlers in the household can be quickly unmasked.

Energy-efficient lighting saves electricity

It is not for nothing that the incandescent light bulb was banned from commerce. It turned much of the energy into heat instead of light. Energy-saving lamps live longer and save electricity, even more efficient are the so-called LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). By the way, no one has to worry about the living atmosphere even with efficient lighting: Energy-saving lamps are now available in many different light colors. Who installs the lighting additionally still meaningfully, saves still more river. In rooms where you spend only a short time, such as in the hallway, basement or toilet, motion detectors are useful. Experts refer to this as "presence control": the light is only on when someone is in the room.

Illuminated or flashing window and garden decorations are particularly popular in the cold season, but they also consume a lot of electricity. For this reason, they should not burn day and night; they can be operated more economically with a timer, for example. Also here applies: Eyes on with the decoration purchase! The trade now offers numerous decorations with the economical LED technology.

Review your own behavior for ways to save electricity

Economical appliances and light sources are the one prerequisite for saving electricity. However, it is your own behavior that can reduce your electricity bill the most. So you have it in your own hands with these tips:

Use switchable socket strips and switch off devices completely in the evening or when you are away. This prevents senseless power consumption in standby mode. Safety power strips that can be switched off offer an additional advantage for computers and consumer electronics: the strips ensure that the expensive devices are protected from electric shocks, for example during thunderstorms.

The energy-saving mode saves money on appropriately equipped appliances – if you use it.

Timers are a good alternative on devices that you need only intermittently, such as decorative lighting.

Sensible appliance use is an easy way to save a lot of money: Don’t let the washing machine or dishwasher run half empty, use the dryer as seldom as possible. Open refrigerator and freezer only briefly and put away properly.

Plan the location of large household appliances well. The refrigerator next to the stove or the freezer next to the clothes dryer lead to high electricity consumption.

Appliance size and household size must fit together. A large family needs a different washing machine than a two-person household; and if you eat breakfast alone most of the time, you’re better off with a small toaster.

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