Suvs are getting more expensive to insure

SUVs are getting more expensive to insure

Hello my friend, it’s me, your car insurance premium. I’m not set in stone, but if you’re unlucky enough to live in an area where accident rates are rising significantly, then the start of a new insurance year may see a change in what are known as regional classes. For you, this may mean that you will have to pay a higher premium in the future because the likelihood of accidents in your region has increased. You pay even if you don’t cause an accident.

Better safe than sorry

Now a bad regional class is no reason to move. However, when buying your car, you should already consider that of course different insurance rates are applied to certain types of vehicles as well. Each year, automobile insurers evaluate exactly which vehicle types and which models have how many accidents or. have caused costs in the settlement of claims. Small insider tip: Insurers are reluctant to pay. So they do everything they can to pay as little as possible.

For 2020, I have found that car insurers rate me SUVs differently than before. What this means to you: insurance rates are up for SUV’s in 2020. So you don’t necessarily have to move to save money, but it might be a good idea to switch to a car model that can get a cheaper insurance policy? The annual premiums for car insurance were recently compared for 300 car models with the help of data from the Check24 platform.

Some of the front-runners in the new 2020 car insurance type classes

The fact that I charge a high annual premium for car insurance on an Audi Q7, a BMW X5 or the ML-Class from Mercedes is not particularly surprising or? They are all SUVs for the upscale, which rather do not stand out on the road by a defensive driving style. Among other things, they ensure that the trend for the insurance year 2020 is: SUVs will be more expensive in the car insurance.

But you can marvel at the fact that a family car like the Kia Carnival has to pay the highest contributions in comparison. The gap between me and the next-placed vehicle is astonishing: While I pay an annual premium of €553 for a Kia Carnival, the runner-up, an Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro, "only" to 519 €. Long live the prejudice: The Audi would have been expected to have a high insurance premium right away, the Kia Carnival, a large van, definitely not. Apparently, the Kia Carnival is not as accident-free on the road as one would like to assume from a typical family car. So I’m not that easy to figure out after all!

You and I – your insurance premium – are unique

The two amounts mentioned for place 1 and place 2 in the comparative ranking are of course only examples. Your car insurance and consequently me are calculated individually, depending on whether you have points in Flensburg as a policyholder, for example, whether you pay me annually or in other installments, what no-claims class you get.

In addition, it is important where your car is usually parked. If it is the street, that is, the public space, the risk for your car also increases and I – your contribution – increase. The possible mileage per year flows into the calculation of the insurance premium. So the fact whether your car is a used car and who the driver is. Some of these parameters you can influence, others you can’t. The type classes reflect which repair costs had to be paid for injured accident opponents and how the accident balance looks for the respective car model.

Car models where I’m going up in speed

The Kia Carnival and the Audi Q7 are followed by two BMW X5 models in third and fourth place on the hit list of passenger car models with the highest annual premiums for car insurance. In fifth place joins Mercedes with its ML 270 CDI 4MATIC.

Do you want to keep me down?

In the event of an increase in your insurance premiums, you have special rights of termination. As soon as the new tariff classes for vehicles as well as the new regional classes are published and thus it is clear in which way I will change, it might be worthwhile for you to think about an insurance change for once. It’s no use, if you only grumble at me..

It also usually pays to pay me for a whole year at once; then the car insurers grant you percentages. Driving less not only saves gas, but the mileage your car gets per year can also affect your annual insurance premium: The less you drive, the cheaper I’ll be. It also makes sense to narrow down the group of people who are allowed to move a car: The smaller it is, the greater the savings in your insurance premium.

Small consolation in the event of an accident: If you are ever involved in an accident, you can also exercise a special cancellation right with your car insurance if you are to be upgraded in the insurance due to a claim settlement. As with the change in your insurance premiums due to the annual adjustment of regional classes or. In this case, you can change the insurance company for the type of vehicle. This is a small proof that every crisis always means a small chance.

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