Which car insurance policy is right for me?


Car insurance is always an important issue when buying a car. Comparing individual rates will help you find the most affordable provider. With the motor vehicle insurance one differentiates basically between the liability insurance, the comprehensive insurance and the partial cover insurance. Third party insurance is a compulsory insurance, without which the vehicle may not be put into operation.

Partial and comprehensive insurance also pays for damage you cause to your own vehicle. Partial insurance premiums are lower, but only theft and damage caused by hail, storm, fire, wildlife accidents and glass breakage are covered. If you also value insurance coverage for self-inflicted accidents, you have to take out a more expensive comprehensive insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance usually includes a deductible, so that the insurance company does not have to be charged for minor damages. The amount of the deductible can also be set individually. When it comes to car insurance, there are several discounts that few drivers, owners of garage cars or women can take advantage of. Drivers who are over 25 years old also receive discounts from some insurance companies.

If a vehicle is financed through a car dealership, comprehensive insurance must always be taken out so that the vehicle is covered in any case. Comparing auto insurance companies can save you quite a bit of money.

AllSecur offers

The online car insurance with flexible elements:

  • Motor liability with cover
  • either fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance
  • variable amount of own contribution
  • Foreign protection
  • Force accident insurance

AllSecur offers a good product at a comparatively low tariff, which is calculated individually depending on type class, registration district, absence of damage, amount of deductible and driving performance/year.

Plus: purchase car insurance and manage your policies and accounts online in your personal customer area. With instant rate calculator.


The free online rate calculator for your car insurance quote – Tuv tested for ease of use, data security and functionality.

Tarifcheck24 offers you:

  • Free of charge over 70 Kfz insurances in the comparison
  • with immediate result
  • with Internet special tariffs

Direct Line

The test winner Stiftung Warentest! You have a choice between basic rate and classic rate:

  • Motor vehicle liability
  • partial insurance
  • Comprehensive SPAR
  • Fully comprehensive

With the additional tariffs, you are even better insured in the event of a claim:

  • No-claims tariff
  • Protective cover
  • Family protection "child& Cone"
  • Casco Clever
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