We finance your real estate in germany also with residence in china

You currently live and work in China incl. Hong Kong and want to finance a property in Germany? Then you have come to the right place, because we specialize in real estate financing for sog. Non-residents (expats, non-residents. ) specialized. Even with residence and place of work in China (z.B. Shanghai or Hong Kong) we can arrange favorable financing for properties located in Germany.


We finance your real estate in Germany also with residence in China


Since March 2016 at the latest, German banks have been very reluctant to grant real estate loans to consumers outside Germany. Most refuse to grant credit as a matter of principle. Even if you financed a property in Germany with a bank before March 2016, today you usually earn head shaking when it comes to new/further real estate financing. There are many reasons for this business policy. But the core issue is always that most banks have legal concerns and lack internal processes for financing approval. And when a bank lacks internal processes, nothing works out.

We know what is possible!

Since March 2016, we have increasingly focused on real estate financing for "non-residents" specialized. This is due to the fact that we have received numerous inquiries since then, especially from Germans living in China (u.a.) have received. In this time we have "scoured" the entire banking market and search for financing partners for our customers. So we know which lenders have no reservations about China and know all too well the o.g. Processes and decision makers in banks.

Who or what is financeable?

The requirements of our partner banks are actually quite simple. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • You are working as an employee
  • You would like to finance a predominantly residential property in Germany or. lend
  • Lending amount maximum 100% of the property value (z.B. purchase price)

As so often in life, the devil is in the details. But if you meet these few basic requirements, it makes sense to look at and discuss just these details.

What is financially viable?

  • residential real estate in Germany (owner-occupied and/or rented)
  • New construction and purchase (minimum loan amount 100.000 euros)
  • Follow-up financing/rescheduling of existing real estate loans (minimum loan amount 50.000 euros)
  • New: pure modernization measures (from 50.000 euros, even if you have already or. still existing loan!)
  • Raising capital for other purposes (z.B. (for the purchase of real estate outside of Germany); however, the loan must be secured by a real estate property in Germany
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