Tips for a long-distance relationship that lasts

Tips for a long-distance relationship that lasts

Don’t let distance stop you from having amazing sex.

Trying to keep it hot for long stretches can be difficult. A particular problem is the lack of physical intimacy. A great workaround to balance this out is to try phone sex. It’s usually not as good as the original, but it’s especially good at bridging the gap until you see each other again.

Now, let’s learn the best way to have phone sex.

1. Switch between using Skype and your phone.

You may think that it is best to always use Skype for phone sex. The funny thing is that I always advise people to switch between using Skype and a cell phone for phone sex. Why? The reason is to change things. Also, a real alternative to Skype is Visit x phone sex with picture.

If you have phone sex two or three times a week, you will eventually fall into a routine that is a real killer for your relationship. On Skype, if you use a webcam, you can see each other completely. This is certainly hot and lets you know exactly what they are doing, but your phone has its perks too.

When you’re on your cell phone, you can’t see your partner – you can only hear them. This lets your imagination run wild, perfect for keeping it interesting.

2. Build things up slowly.

If it’s your first time having phone sex with someone, you may be both nervous and excited. You can be eager to dive right in to be explicit and tell your partner exactly what you want to do with them. A much better way to make the overall phone sex experience better is to slowly build up to actually getting sexual. This will help build sexual tension and anticipation.

3. Talk about the situation and the positions.

Describing the situation and environment is a hot and sexy way to slowly build up and get sexual. You can do this for as little as one minute or over 10 minutes. It’s up to you. Try things like, "I want you to go over to the bed and lay on it," "OK, now tell me how you feel," "What do you want me to do now??"

All of these phrases aren’t particularly exciting, but they’re great for getting things going slowly. You can also tell him which position to take.

4. Give physical instructions.

The next thing you want to do is give your partner physical instructions about what to do with his body. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what I mean: "I want you to start moving your hands up and down the inside of your legs," "Slowly start unbuttoning your top and telling me what you’re thinking," "Now get under the covers and slowly start teasing your nipples."

5. Tell them what you do.

While you are telling your partner what to do, you also need to tell them what you are doing. Let them know exactly what you’re doing to get yourself excited, turned on, and off your back. This is the basic strategy to have phone sex with your partner.

6. Use sex toys.

A good way to make phone sex more fun is to use sex toys while driving. There are great sex toys available for both men and girls to replace the real thing. Now, some people may be embarrassed or ashamed to use sex toys during sex, but there is nothing strange about it. It’s just a good way to replicate the real thing.

7. Send sexy pictures and texts.

Just as I recommend people use Skype as well as their regular cell phone to spice things up, you can also try sending sexts and sexy pictures to each other. Just remember that once you send someone a sext or sexy picture, they may keep it forever, so trust is absolutely crucial before you try it.

One last word of advice about phone sex: the first few times you have it, it’s inevitably going to be a little awkward and even a little weird. You’ll find that the more you have it with your partner, the better it will get and the more relaxed it will be for both of you, so do your best to keep going even if you find it a little awkward or weird.

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