What to do in case of image theft?

Image theft – Do I need a copyright lawyer??

What does a copyright lawyer do?

There are two types of copyright attorneys: those who focus on the application process and others who focus on infringement issues (image theft).

Copyright lawyers who specialize in the application process can assist in filing the necessary forms and advise you on any further steps you should take.

Criminal law and criminal defense

Minor crimes (misdemeanors) include theft and assault, while major crimes include murder, robbery and manslaughter. Even an incomplete tax return or drunk driving can often bring you into contact with the criminal prosecution authorities more quickly than expected.

Severance pay and termination agreement – two terms that belong closely together. As a rule, the severance payment is the biggest benefit that employees get from a termination agreement. We clarify the most important questions on this topic.

How to get the maximum severance pay in a termination agreement

Qualified employees are indispensable for the success of law firms – even in times of digitalization. Hermann Brem shows the importance of training and continuing education.

For small and medium-sized law firms in particular, training skilled employees (paralegals or legal specialists) ensures their competitiveness. Particularly in times of increasing digitalization and dynamization, including of legal advice, it is all the more important to have clever minds in the lawyer's office. However, training requires the personal commitment of all involved and must be seen as an investment. In the end, education pays!

Hit and run ? - 'I didn't notice anything'

In the event of an accusation of a hit-and-run / hit-and-run driver, there are many defense strategies available. Of all defense strategies, however, this one might be the most popular: “I didn”t notice anything.”. But is it also the best?