Credit comparison .


Credit comparison .


Other good reasons to avoid a large-scale credit institution could be, for example, previous, bad experiences with credit. Even if there are already loans and the personal credit account has some entries to record, the lending by a bank will be difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages with personal loans

  • Variable runtime
  • Variable interest rate
  • Variable redemption
  • Credit granted even with comparatively low creditworthiness
  • Consideration of personal circumstances, such as the reason and purpose for taking out the loan
  • If the lender himself is creditworthy can therefore provide the loan amount at all
  • High provision of collateral required
  • comparatively high interest rates are charged
  • can show ratings and possibly reviews from previous customers

Credit seekers should be wary of lenders who require up-front payments and the provision of unusual information. For those customers, the option of personal credit is the best alternative.

While many banks advertise various credit offers with the paraphrase personal loan, here the lending by a private person or a private company is meant. There are many advantages with personal loans, however, the applicant also incurs risks and possibly even disadvantages by taking out a personal loan. Therefore, it is essential to clarify all details before taking out a personal loan.

But beware:

No matter from whom a loan is taken out, certain basic rules such as drawing up and concluding a proper contract must be observed at all times, even if the lender is one's own uncle.

Such contract templates are freely available, have to fulfill only a few form requirements and are thus rather uncomplicated.If something goes wrong with the loan provision or repayment, you are prepared for all eventualities.


Credit costs

Furthermore, it should be assumed that a personal loan, due to the more tolerant lending criteria and an associated higher risk for the lender, contains comparatively worse conditions than a regular loan from a bank. Providers whose offers seem disproportionately good and cheap should definitely be double checked.

Who grants a personal loan

The most important question, namely the source of personal loans, is quickly answered. Relevant credit mediation portals on the Internet help to find private lenders.

Thus it can be found out fast whether a lender, suitably to the sense and purpose of the planned private credit, can be found.

Another form of personal loan, probably the cheapest and most convenient, is to borrow from a close relative or acquaintance.


Private loans are the only way for many people to get larger loans. Taking out a personal loan is not always low risk. Some criteria should always be met, for your own protection and for the protection of the lender. Caution is advised when choosing unknown, private lenders, too quickly you find yourself in the clutches of a loan shark.

Make a credit request

  • 1. Request for conditions
  • 2. Compare credits
  • 3. Apply for credit and receive money
  • (Free of charge and without obligation)
  • Start credit comparison
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