What are the dangers of lowering my car?

It's fairly common for car owners to modify their cars' suspensions to make their car ride lower. Usually, aesthetics is one of the main reasons for lowering the ride height – many people prefer the look of a lower car – but in theory, there are other benefits:

  • Handling can be improved by lowering the vehicle's center of gravity, which reduces the tilt of the car.
  • Lowering the vehicle usually reduces aerodynamic drag, which increases fuel economy and sometimes reduces high-speed lift, which makes the vehicle safer. (These effects are usually quite small for realistic amounts of reduction).)
  • A lower vehicle can present a lower rollover risk. (Most cars are extremely difficult to roll under normal conditions, so this is a minor consideration at best).

Some aftermarket suspensions improve handling in ways other than lowering the car, so lowering can only be considered an added benefit. This is the theory. But what about in practice: is lowering a car a good idea, and is it safe?

As of July 2022, a return must be filed with the IRS for each property. Here's what we're happy to do for you. For this we need some information. This video shows in which documents you can find them:

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The state of Idaho offers a number of benefits and perks to Americans who have either served in an armed forces department in the past or are currently active military members.

Vehicle registration benefits

Disabled veterans with a 100% permanent disability rating are eligible for an Idaho license plate with no fee. You must apply to the Regional Office of Veterans Administration for a disabled veteran's disability card. You can call the office at (208) 429-2145 or visit in person at 550 West Fort Street in Boise, ID.

Order of priority in alimony - multiple alimony recipients

In alimony law, there is a clear order of priority as far as alimony claims are concerned. This ranking relates to dependent children and grandchildren, dependent parents and spouses, and parents' entitlement to support from their children. Below we explain the order of eligibility and what it is based on.

Competing alimony rights and obligations

It may be the case that a person in need is entitled to legal maintenance claims against several persons. In such a case, the order in which the various maintenance debtors are obliged to pay must be examined.

Road expansion contributions abolished

Now also Reppenstedt has abolished the unpopular street extension contributions, an often sensitively high financial participation of the residents in the costs for repair of roads and ways. The other Gellerser municipalities had already done this years ago, in the much larger Reppenstedt the discussion about funding lasted longer. The reason was the weighing of several models, because the council had been in agreement for a good ten years that no more contribution notices should be sent out (which did not happen during this time). Alone, none of the models is really unconditionally good.

Model "property tax"

In principle, the "property tax" model was already on the tables of the constituent municipalities in 2012. However, due to a legal dispute, the issue has been postponed indefinitely for the time being. According to this model, road expansion contributions are completely waived. Instead, the property tax is raised to such an extent that the additional revenue can be used to finance the repairs. The burden is therefore distributed among all residents. Besides, the administration saves a lot of work, because the settlement of contributions is complex and is often decided only in court. The disadvantage is that taxes cannot be levied for a specific purpose and the additional revenue must first be used to balance the budget and could therefore not be fully available for road maintenance. In the prosperous Reppenstedt a rather theoretical problem. In addition, a good part of the property taxes goes to the joint municipality and the district, which therefore earn a little bit from each increase.