General costs

General costs

The costs for legal advice – it depends on the individual case. An initial consultation, for example, only incurs one-time costs, which are manageable. Detailed advice and the design z. B. of contracts are more complex in terms of costs. The same applies to court proceedings.

Initial consultation with a lawyer and costs

For a lawyer’s assessment in your legal matter, a sog. The initial consultation is a good and correct step, so that you can better assess your legal position in general or in a specific situation.

In the course of an initial consultation, I will give you a first rough estimate of your chances of success and also recommendations for action as to which course of action would be best for you in your specific case. Although an initial consultation does not clarify every legal detail. However, after such an initial consultation, you will also get an impression of which legal steps are now possible and which, on the other hand, are not reasonable.

The costs for an initial consultation with a lawyer are set by law and are quite manageable. For an initial consultation there is a one-time charge of 190 euros plus. Expenses and legal fees. VAT. to.

Out-of-court consultation

Is it not done with an initial consultation, since a legal problem z. B. requires the detailed review and examination of documents, the costs are different from those of a merely rough initial consultation. Because the effort of a detailed examination of the factual and legal situation is simply much higher.

The costs for such a sog. Out-of-court legal advice will then be charged either according to the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) or according to an individual fee agreement. If costs are calculated according to RVG, the value of the respective legal matter is taken as a basis. The lawyer’s fee is then calculated on the basis of this value using a table – transparent and comprehensible.

If the remuneration according to RVG is not suitable for your specific case, you can also make an individual fee agreement with me on an hourly basis. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

Court proceedings and costs

If a legal dispute goes to court, the law has a precise legal regulation for this as well. The German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) with the attached schedule of fees (VV) clearly defines the amount of costs for representation by a lawyer in court. In addition to attorney’s fees, the so-called. Court costs due. These costs are precisely regulated in the Court Costs Act (GKG). The amount of the lawyer’s and court costs in legal proceedings can thus be reliably estimated before going to court.

I will clarify these costs for your individual case with you and inform you about the costs of the proceedings in the worst case – if you are completely defeated with your case in court. Because in this case you are legally obliged to pay your costs and the costs of the other side.

If, however, you prevail with your case in court and win a lawsuit, the other party must, of course, bear the entire costs. If you are only partially successful in court proceedings, the court will divide the costs between the parties on a pro rata basis. If a settlement is reached, the parties usually agree that each party to the proceedings will bear its own costs (attorney’s fees and court costs).

Assumption of costs by legal protection insurance

If you have a suitable legal protection insurance for your case, your insurance company will cover the costs. Even if a legal protection insurance does not take effect once, however, it can happen that the insurance takes over costs in the case of loyal customers without an insurance case. If you need assistance in communicating with your "legal protection" – feel free to contact me directly about it.

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