Car insurance – what do i have to look out for?

Gasoline costs, general maintenance, taxes – motorists may argue about which car is now the best, but in terms of cost they agree. A car costs money and is the worst piggy bank ever. A lot of money goes in at the top, nothing actually comes out. This also affects owners of e-cars, because they save taxes, but the price situation at the charging stations is often not so simple that you could hold it against a primary school student. Rather it imitates strange text tasks. It's no wonder that many drivers want to save on car insurance and are considering a switch. But what matters in a new insurance and what points are absolutely important?

Minimum module and basis: the liability of the car insurance

Every car insurance includes the motor vehicle liability insurance. This is often forgotten in the case of comprehensive insurance, but this is actually only supplementary insurance that builds on the liability insurance. Without this cornerstone a car can not be registered. In fact, the registration authorities are not interested in how a car is insured. She is interested purely in motor liability. As a compulsory insurance, it is defined by law, but no motorist should adhere to these minimum standards:

  • Coverage amounts – the legislator does not really adjust these. Thus, they are still based on completely outdated values and give 7.5 million for personal and 50.000 for property damage before. Mass accidents, accidents with high values of goods (a fully loaded truck on the highway) and several personal injuries tear down these values.
  • Why does it bother? – every motor liability insurance is only obliged to pay for damages to the extent agreed in the contract. If the statutory coverage amounts are exhausted, the insurance company closes the purse strings. Parties involved in an accident and their insurers, including health and pension insurers, can now deal directly with the party responsible for the accident. In the worst case, the driver now has to pay the outstanding items out of his own pocket, which is almost never possible.
  • Improvement – even in the basic variants of motor liability, insurers have now often increased the coverage amounts independently. So a new car insurance should include these new sums. For personal injury, a lump sum of 100 million is calculated, property damage and property damage are insured together with also 100 million.

Of course, it could be said that very few motorists are liable themselves. Nevertheless: It happens every now and then. And anyone who cannot claim to be able to bear the consequential costs of an accident caused by a mishap for the next fifty years is on the safe side with the high sums insured.

What do I have to look out for in comprehensive insurance??

They build on the motor liability. The increased cover sums belong thus also to the program of the partial cover and the comprehensive insurance. Incidentally, the assumption that a Schufa entry makes it more difficult or even impossible to take out comprehensive insurance is wrong. Despite a bad credit rating, these insurances are available. Comprehensive insurance simply makes sense for many car owners, as it offers increased protection. But what applies when?

  • Partial cover – from a value of 4.000 Euro the partial cover can be worthwhile. By the way, the same applies to vehicles of lower value, if the owner simply could not afford typical comprehensive damages like stone chips.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance – high value and new vehicles should be fully comprehensive insured. Financed cars often even have to be covered by comprehensive insurance, which is a requirement of the financing partner.

In general, the comprehensive insurance policies are designed in such a way that everyday damage to one's own vehicle is already insured. However, these can be significantly improved by means of additional modules and extensions. What makes sense for you, however, is something everyone has to consider for themselves:

  • Marten bite damage – in the classic variant only the direct bite marks are insured. An extension is always advisable, because it now also includes consequential damage that arises indirectly from the marten bite. Not always again the damage directly recognized, has the animal bitten the wrong cable, it comes sometimes to an engine damage, which appears only a week later.
  • Accidents with animals – deer and wild boar, i.e. the classic furred game, are always included in the insurance scope. However, those who live in an urban area with riding stables or in the countryside should extend coverage to livestock and large animals. Even accidents with dogs and cats are now covered.
  • E-cars – with an electric vehicle, the battery should always be included in the scope of insurance.
  • Small print – especially in comprehensive insurance, the clause "waiver of defense in case of gross negligence" should be in the contract. It prevents the car insurance company from objecting and avoiding compensation for damages.
  • Reimbursement amount – in comprehensive insurance, accidental damage to one's own vehicle is also paid for by the car insurance company. However, the car insurance is based on the temporal value of the car. Experts advise insuring new cars for as long as 24 months as new, used cars should be covered within this time span according to the purchase price.

Some insurers integrate the additional modules directly into their comprehensive tariffs. In other cases, drivers can add it on their own for a small fee. In many cases, they make sense and increase protection.

How to save on car insurance?

While you should not skimp on your own insurance coverage and the scope of benefits, there are definitely solutions to lower the cost of car insurance a bit. Regardless of the type of car insurance, the following savings tips apply:

  • Young drivers/foreign drivers – they may be excluded from using the vehicle. When excluding young drivers, people who are not yet 28 years old or who have not held their driver's license for a certain period of time are not allowed to drive the car. Third party driver exclusions simply mean that only the policyholder is allowed to use the car.
  • Insurance through third parties – especially novice drivers have a poor no-claims class, which drives up costs significantly. But even after an accident, the class deteriorates. If it is possible to insure the car through a third party as a second or third car and now drive on the discount of the third party, the way should be chosen. This is perfectly legal and is done all the time, especially with young drivers: the car is insured through parents or grandparents.

An excellent solution to reduce the cost is the payment method. Any car insurance can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. While people with a bad credit rating can get the absolute advantage via the annual payment method, they also save especially. The processing fees for booking the payment are almost completely eliminated, so there is a good discount.

And what other savings potential is there?? Two solutions not directly related to content remain open:

  • Deductible – for the most part, car insurance policies have a deductible. Indirectly it lowers the amount of insurance. If the deductible is increased, the insurance becomes even cheaper. Nevertheless, motorists must be aware that the amount is payable in each claim. Especially in the comprehensive insurances this means that the amount has to be deposited in the garage – without it the car is not given back.
  • Workshop binding – car insurers conclude contracts with workshop chains. You get a discounted bill, for this the insurance company sends customers to the workshop. Basically, the workshop commitment lowers the costs for the motor vehicle comprehensive insurances. It is only important to check where the permitted garages are located at all. There is little point in driving one hundred kilometers with a broken window.

Search and find: The way to good car insurance

With our rate calculator of car insurances it is quite simple to find a good car insurance. It offers the first step in the comparison and shows the possibilities that each motorist can finally still compare for themselves. Of course, the rate calculator is also open to people with Schufa entries. Schufa only becomes involved when a motorist inquires about the contract with a car insurance company. In our experience, creditworthiness is also irrelevant, since even fully comprehensive insurance is available despite Schufa.

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