Rules of conduct in the event of a traffic accident abroad

Anyone who travels abroad by car must also expect to be involved in an accident. It is therefore important to know how to behave in the event of a traffic accident in other countries.

We all know them from action-packed Hollywood movies, from social media, from advertising or from Formula 1: sports cars are a metal dream come true for many car lovers. But have you also played with the idea of driving one of these horsepower monsters once yourself? There are quite a few car rental companies where you can rent a sports car.

At mach2cars in Stuttgart, we also offer you numerous fast-as-an-arrow models with which you can enjoy your weekend excursion or a joyride. Sometimes you can rent Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches or Mercedes-Benz from us. Below we provide 5 helpful tips on what to consider when renting a sports car in Stuttgart.

The mileage of a vehicle is a key indicator of its value and condition. Because the mileage indicates how many kilometers the car has covered since it was manufactured and is therefore an important factor in the assessment of the vehicle. In the car leasing and financing sector, the mileage plays a decisive role in determining the total number of kilometers a vehicle is allowed to cover during the contract period. High mileage can increase the risk for the lessor, as it indicates that the vehicle has been used frequently and thus has a higher rate of wear and tear.

What is the mileage on a car?

Mileage is the number of miles a vehicle has traveled, or will travel in the future. It is usually expressed in kilometers per year and is an important factor in assessing the condition of a vehicle.

From underdog to B2B upstart, semantic targeting makes it possible to send promotional messages to potential prospects in a thematically relevant environment, increasing their impact. The highlight: the targeting form does not use cookies, but instead makes use of intelligent algorithms.

Why semantic targeting is the new must-try in B2B?