Divorce without a war of the roses - tips and negotiation strategies for a peaceful separation

Separation is never easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to a nerve-wracking war of the roses in every case. Even if separations or. Divorces are painful, but they also offer a chance for a new beginning. But what can you do to ensure that a separation does not end in a bitter dispute?

It happens thousands of times a day and anyone can be affected from one moment to the next – a traffic accident. In addition to the trouble on the spot, it is not uncommon for problems to arise in the course of settling the claim with the opposing insurance company.

The shares of responsibility are not always clear in advance. Especially in such cases it is advantageous to be supported by an experienced lawyer. But even in supposedly simple cases, in which the question of guilt seems to be clarified clearly to the detriment of the other side or this is expressly admitted by the other party, it is worthwhile to have the settlement of the claim handled by a lawyer.

Game accident and game damage - what you should know

Now in midsummer and the following autumn, there is an increase in wildlife accidents. We explain why this is the case and give you tips on what you can do to avoid a wildlife accident and how you should behave in the event of a wildlife accident.

Growing tomatoes in the apartment: how to succeed in cultivation on the windowsill!

Those who do not have a garden do not have to do without fresh tomatoes from home cultivation. Growing tomatoes indoors can easily be done on a windowsill at home. How to care for them from sowing to harvesting tomatoes is explained in detail below.

Gasoline costs, general maintenance, taxes – motorists may argue about which car is now the best, but in terms of cost they agree. A car costs money and is the worst piggy bank ever. A lot of money goes in at the top, nothing actually comes out. This also affects owners of e-cars, because they save taxes, but the price situation at the charging stations is often not so simple that you could hold it against a primary school student. Rather it imitates strange text tasks. It's no wonder that many drivers want to save on car insurance and are considering a switch. But what matters in a new insurance and what points are absolutely important?

Minimum module and basis: the liability of the car insurance

Every car insurance includes the motor vehicle liability insurance. This is often forgotten in the case of comprehensive insurance, but this is actually only supplementary insurance that builds on the liability insurance. Without this cornerstone a car can not be registered. In fact, the registration authorities are not interested in how a car is insured. She is interested purely in motor liability. As a compulsory insurance, it is defined by law, but no motorist should adhere to these minimum standards:

The death penalty has long been a contentious issue in U.S. history – and even more so when the condemned is a woman. The following is a list of women whose crimes in a cruel and unforgiving era granted them no leniency and led them to the gallows.

10Paula Angel

Top 10 horrific accounts of women sentenced to the gallows

Photo credit: New Mexico Historian

Tips, documents and requirements for a trip to London

One of the essential steps before leaving for London is to check whether we meet all the requirements for a trip to London. The documents required vary depending on the tourist's origin, whether they are from the European Union (EU) or outside it.

Below you will find an index with all the points we will cover in this article.

Car insurance: Why not only novice drivers pay more

There are various characteristics of an insured car and its driver that have a significant influence on the risk of an accident. This is proven by a current statistic.

What is microlending and how does it work?

The peer-to-peer economy has revolutionized the way people do business, and the financial sector has seen some impressive advances in the use of P2P applications. One of the most used applications is microlending or microloans. Microloans are small loans issued by individuals rather than banks or credit unions. These loans can be issued by a single person or aggregated across a number of people, each contributing a portion of the total amount. ( See also: economic fundamentals of the sharing economy .)

Often, microloans are made to people in third-world countries where traditional financing is not available to help them start small businesses. Lenders receive interest on their loans and repayment of the loan as soon as the loan is due. Because the credit quality of these borrowers is very low and the risk of default is high, microloans dominate market interest rates, making them attractive to some investors.

Look for a German lawyer admitted to the bar Switzerland/Germany, who is an expert in German and Swiss divorce and family law? There are many international marriages in Switzerland, also with reference to Germany. If such a couple wants to divorce, many questions arise Do you need competent legal advice for an international divorce in relation to Switzerland Germany or Germany Switzerland? Your lawyer for all legal questions regarding Swiss and German law concerning separation, divorce, matrimonial protection, custody and alimony in Zurich supports you in cross-border legal issues Switzerland/Germany.

Divorce lawyer and owner of law firm

I and my team advise and represent individuals in employment law, inheritance law and family law as well as in retirement and estate planning. My focus is on divorce, separation and matrimonial protection.