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Termination without cause - is it justified?

The dismissal is probably the best known way to terminate an employment relationship. Since it usually has serious consequences for the employee, the legislator sets high requirements for the effectiveness of the unilateral termination of the employment contract. But what does it actually look like if a notice of termination is given without giving reasons?? Is a termination without cause legal? We would like to answer these and other questions for you in the following once.

Telemedicine guide: history, benefits, implementation and more

The changes we’ve seen in healthcare have been a source of debate in recent years. The Big Data revolution in particular has been heating up – not entirely without justification. Because it’s not just about capturing large amounts of data, but also knowing how to analyze it. The more effective the data analytics, the more accurate they provide information about patient health and how lifestyle or genetic factors may be influencing it. And the current technological transformation goes even further. Soon, telemedicine could also change the face of healthcare or even the healthcare system as a whole.

What costs are incurred for the protection of one's own building project?

Storm damage, material defects in the building material or even vandalism can cost you dearly as a builder. In addition to the actual damage, the construction delay that occurs is often associated with high costs. In order to protect ourselves against this, it is worthwhile to take out construction work insurance. You can find out what costs you can expect for this insurance from the cost check expert in our interview.

What is meant by res judicata is described quite well by this old Roman legal principle: Contra rem iudicatam non audietur – against a decided matter one is not heard. Judicial decisions should be unappealable as of a certain date in order to establish legal peace and legal certainty. A judicial decision is always final if there is no legal remedy available to challenge the decision. Appeal and revision are available against a penalty order of the local court. If the time limit for filing an appeal has expired, the penalty judgment becomes legally binding – it is final.

When does the penalty order become legally binding??

There is only one legal remedy to challenge a penalty order – an appeal. If the objection is not lodged within the 2-week period, the penalty order is equivalent to a final judgment, as can be read in §410 Para. 3 Code of Criminal Procedure. After expiration of the objection period, the penalty order is legally binding, since it cannot be appealed. The legal remedies of appeal or revision are also excluded.

All rise for the honorable court dogs! These specially trained therapy dogs, slowly making their way to courts across the country, help witnesses and victims as they take their stand.

There is something about the way a dog looks at you with his soft brown eyes that immediately puts you at ease. However stressed and anxious you may be, your worries somehow melt away when a dog rests his head in your lap and asks you for affection. Dogs' ability to provide love and security is well known – that's why therapy dogs are so common. But there's another job dogs can do that you may not know about – as witness/victim advocates.

What is a court of justice?

Stable real estate sector in the Asia-Pacific region

Although threats to the economic climate are increasing globally, real estate investors in the Asia-Pacific region continue to generate stable returns. Thus, according to Jonathan Hsu of M&G, the total return in the real estate sector in this region is estimated at 8.7 percent in 2019.

A super-rich U.S. man is funding an Israeli newspaper that its critics say represents the interests of one person above all others: Israel's prime minister

It is interference in Israel's "internal affairs" when other countries donate to Israeli non-governmental organizations; it must be disclosed and, better yet, limited. At least that's what Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's prime minister, thinks, and is calling for tougher laws. When it comes to financial support from private individuals, he doesn't see it so closely.

For example, there's entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish U.S. citizen who is married to an Israeli woman and has 20. Ranked in the "Forbes" world ranking of the richest people. Not only does he have a fortune estimated at $30.4 billion, he also apparently has a thing for Netanyahu's political course. In 2007, Sheldon Adelson launched a new free daily newspaper, "Israel HaYom" ("Israel Today"), financed from his private purse and with a pro-Netanyahu political slant, in order to set a conservative tone in Israel's media landscape.

SUV costs tax deductibly: Tips for employees and the self-employed

SUV costs are a large item in the expenses of employees and the self-employed. Even though the biggest item is acquisition costs, recurring expenses should not be underestimated. Many professionals can deduct these expenses from their taxes on a pro-rata basis and reduce their tax burden by taking credit for these expenses. But very few people make use of this in their private vehicles.

Which costs are tax deductible and in which amount?

Tax deduction options are based on percentage of business use. In order to qualify for a tax credit, at least 50% of the SUV must be used for business purposes by self-employed persons and between 10% and 50% by employees. Business use includes, for example, daily travel to work, as well as business trips in a private vehicle. If a self-employed person uses the privately purchased SUV more than 50% for business trips, it is automatically classified as business assets.

UBS reports strong first quarter results

UBS has a net profit of 2.1bn in Q1 2022. USD generated. This is the best quarterly result since 2007. This was well above expectations for the major bank. While Asset Management declined somewhat, the Investment Bank more than doubled pre-tax profits. Swiss business also grew above estimates.

Why rental car insurance is important, even if you already have car insurance

Accidents with a rental car are especially annoying, because often you have to pay a high deductible despite having car insurance or even comprehensive insurance. Depending on the vehicle and the provider, sums in the four-digit range can accumulate.

Even the reduction of the deductible is often associated with surcharges of up to 20 euros per day.