Real estate is usually the largest investment made by individuals in their lifetime. In most cases, such an investment can hardly be financed from the spouse’s own funds, so construction financing is used. However, such financing should not only be comprehensively considered, but also concluded with the necessary expertise. That is particularly important, since a construction financing usually runs over a period of 20 to 30 years and must be considered thus over this duration as cost point in the monthly planning. In the following you find tips and tricks approximately around the topic construction financing.

Guide to financing the construction of a house
Tax-efficient strategies for international clients

Around the world, it is difficult to find a crevice of the earth's surface untouched by the forces of globalization. The Industrial Revolution, Internet Age and Cultural Revolutions have both literally and figuratively reshaped the way we connect, trade and engage with global commerce.

Of all the animals shaken by the pressures of a globalized world, our financial markets and economic systems have been seriously disrupted. With reduced trade barriers, increased mobility of human capital, improved infrastructure and market integration, international investors seeking diversification are looking to access U.S. investments more than ever before.

The question of what a car costs in Switzerland is actually easy to answer: a lot! And probably significantly more than you will think. If you buy a vehicle, you should consider what follow-up costs you will incur. The choice of model is already decisive for this. So that you are not surprised later, we show you how to calculate the costs.

If you buy a new car, you often underestimate the costs involved. This is not only about the purchase. These costs know everyone already in the apron. What is often not considered are the costs for tax, refueling or the rent for the garage. Many factors are responsible for the fact that driving a car can become really expensive. However, the loss of value of a vehicle is the worst.

Freight bikes - a practical transport solution for craftsmen, too

Cargo bikes conquer the big cities. It's no wonder: first, they allow you to ride past traffic jams in the bike lane, and second, they make it easier to find parking spaces. Craftsmen are also increasingly using the new means of transport. What to look for when buying.

If the city center is clogged with cars again? Then a cargo bike may be the better mode of transport, increasingly so for tradesmen by the way. This is also related to the "Fleet Commerce" project, which has already been implemented in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in 2022. 2023 Dusseldorf should be one of the participating cities. Thanks to the project, craftsmen can get a grant to buy a cargo bike for economic purposes. Because the more city dwellers switch to bicycles, the better it is for the climate and also for the urban population.

A household insurance is a possibility to insure objects inside the house. This type of property insurance therefore covers damage that can occur to the inventory of a residential property as a result of a wide variety of hazards.

What does household insurance cover?
Driving a scooter - driver's license, traffic rules, fines

One of the most famous Italian scooter models was made by a helicopter engineer. A trademark of this vehicle is the free passage between the saddle and the handlebars. Even today, most scooters have a similar design. And they still enjoy great popularity. Because especially in the city it is quite convenient to drive a scooter. You are traveling comfortably and yet faster than by bicycle. To ensure that the driving experience doesn't end in disaster, it's important to heed a rule or two – for your own safety's sake.

FAQ: Riding a scooter

Which driving license do I need to drive a scooter?

In a rescheduling, borrowers replace one or more existing loans with the bank with a new loan. Debt rescheduling offers the possibility of benefiting from newer models for loans – adapted to the current life situation – and of having to repay less overall.

Especially if a crisis occurs, the already existing financing should be checked for the risk of rising interest rates. The offers of loans in Austria are rich and often not directly comparable. For this reason, borrowers can very well check with the help of an independent expert, whether the rescheduling of debt at the house or another bank is an optimal choice.

What's new in taxes at the beginning of the year?

The beginning of 2023 brings a host of tax changes. The following is an overview of selected legal adjustments:

Income Tax

As of July 2023, the third bracket of the income tax rate will be reduced from 42% to 40%. To simplify, a blended rate of 41% is applied for the entire year 2023. For the second stage, the tax rate in 2023 is 30.

The motor vehicle liability insurance is a legally prescribed component of the car insurance. it covers claims for damages caused to others (third parties) by the operation of your vehicle. The own motor vehicle liability insurance does not cover damages to the own vehicle. For the coverage of own damages the comprehensive insurance is responsible.

The legal claims underlying in the motor vehicle liability claim differ from the contractual claims in the motor vehicle own damage claim.

Rules of conduct in the event of a traffic accident abroad

Anyone who travels abroad by car must also expect to be involved in an accident. It is therefore important to know how to behave in the event of a traffic accident in other countries.