Who is to blame? What happens to the broken car? Who pays for the damage? After a traffic accident, many questions arise for the parties involved. An accident in German cities is by far not a rarity: Statistically, an accident happens every 12 seconds. Nevertheless, hardly anyone knows what to do in this delicate matter and what are the rights and obligations associated with it. We at Scheerer Law Firm& Maly are your lawyer for traffic law from Stuttgart and inform you comprehensively about what has to be considered in case of a traffic accident.

What to do first after a traffic accident?

  • Secure the scene of the accident, turn on the hazard lights and set up the warning triangle at a distance of 50 to 100 m.
  • Provide first aid if necessary.
  • Gather evidence: Take pictures of the accident scene and the vehicles involved.
  • In addition to overview photos, also take detailed photos of the damage caused.
  • Make an accident sketch.
  • Watch out for skid marks and fluid leaks.
  • Together with the other party involved in the accident, fill out the accident report, which you can usually find in your glove compartment.
  • Note the registration number of the vehicles involved, the name and address of the other party involved in the accident and possible witnesses, as well as insurance companies of the other party involved in the accident.
  • If necessary, call the police. This should always be the case if persons have been injured, a high level of property damage has been caused or if there is a suspicion of a criminal offense (e.g.B. hit and run, drunk driving) exists.
Traffic accident in Stuttgart: the most important legal information at a glance

What rights do I have as an injured party?

If you are involved in a traffic accident with your vehicle through no fault of your own, you naturally have rights as an injured party. First of all, it is the accident victim's right to call in an expert witness. This expert secures evidence, records the damage incurred and objectively assesses the amount of the damage. In addition, injured individuals can claim the following costs from the opposing insurance company:

Safely on vacation by car

Traveling with your own car opens up a lot of freedom, as you can usually take considerably more luggage with you on vacation and can easily stop off at places that particularly appeal to you during the journey to or from your destination. To ensure that you arrive safely on vacation by car and can fully enjoy your free time, good preparation is the be-all and end-all. We explain to you what you should pay attention to when planning your vacation with the passenger car.

  1. Check oil level yourself and look for oil change
  2. Tire check before starting to travel with your own car
  3. Have the vehicle thoroughly checked beforehand from a technical point of view
  4. Correct loading of the vehicle
  5. Use a navigation device when traveling by car
  6. Use of radar detectors
  7. Vacation with the car: Insurance
  8. Other countries – other customs – other traffic rules respectively. Regulations

Going on vacation by car:
Check oil level yourself and look for oil change

Before traveling with your own car, you should also check the oil level in any case. In order for the measurement to be correct, the vehicle's engine should be warm and the car should be parked on a level surface. The oil level must be between the min and max marks on the dipstick.

Car insurance is always an important issue when buying a car. Comparing individual rates will help you find the most affordable provider. With the motor vehicle insurance one differentiates basically between the liability insurance, the comprehensive insurance and the partial cover insurance. Third party insurance is a compulsory insurance, without which the vehicle may not be put into operation.

Partial and comprehensive insurance also pays for damage you cause to your own vehicle. Partial insurance premiums are lower, but only theft and damage caused by hail, storm, fire, wildlife accidents and glass breakage are covered. If you also value insurance coverage for self-inflicted accidents, you have to take out a more expensive comprehensive insurance policy.

Notice period and notice template

Inform here about the periods of notice in the motor vehicle insurance and use our free notice template to the motor vehicle insurance change.

How to cancel the car insurance

The cancellation of the motor insurance must always be made by the policyholder.

Ok, it’s not that simple after all. But everything one after the other.

The article Our move to a new life has already told you quite a lot about us personally and our future. But the real why was still missing…until now!

Whether young or old, male or female, horoscopes are very popular and many people believe in the power of the stars. Belief in the stars or zodiac signs has long been not only about love, but about very different areas of life.

Whether you are spiritually inclined or not, numbers clearly speak for themselves! Although there is of course no scientific evidence that the zodiac sign has an influence on one's driving skills, according to an analysis from 2021 by the insurer "Verti", certain zodiac signs are a little more careless on the road than others.

Employing a freelancer has some advantages for the employer. Legally, however, there are stumbling blocks. Here's how to make collaboration go smoothly.

How to avoid bogus self-employment for freelancers

1. What does a freelancer mean??

The use of freelancers is becoming increasingly popular. But why do so many employers use freelancers?? Where is the difference to a permanent employee??

Career as a civil servant: Does the job profile suit you??

Sooner or later, everyone has to ask themselves how they want to make a living. For some, the job is only a means to an end, to be able to support themselves and perhaps a family. Others seek fulfillment in it or strive for a stellar career. Fortunately, there are so many different job descriptions that you will certainly find a choice that exactly matches your expectations. Unfortunately, the civil service does not have a very good reputation. People say that working as a civil servant is boring or that there are no opportunities for advancement. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the question of whether these prejudices are justified, what the job description even looks like in reality and what advantages it brings..

How much money do you need to live in Alaska?

Alaska is by far the largest state in the USA. The state is so expansive that other large states like Texas and California look tiny in comparison. As you would expect from such a massive state, living conditions in Alaska are anything but homogeneous. Anchorage, the state's largest metropolitan area, and Juneau, the state capital, offer a typical mix of urban and suburban life. Regardless, living in Anchorage or Juneau is somewhat similar to living in similar sized cities in the lower 48. Alaska also offers small-town living in cities like Soldotna and Kenai, as well as vast areas of rural living.

The amount of money you need to live in Alaska depends largely on which of the state's myriad lifestyle options you choose to. Even among similar cities, towns and villages, the sheer size of the state leads to wide discrepancies in the cost of living. Averages help clarify the picture a bit, but chances are significant adjustments will need to be made to these averages based on your unique circumstances and especially where you are planting roots in Alaska.

Young - and oldtimer insurances - what is to be considered?

In contrast to a new car, which loses about 20 percent of its value after just a few kilometers, the situation with classic cars is the other way around. The older the vehicle is, the more valuable it becomes. An expert opinion is required to determine the optimum value here from an actuarial point of view.