Life change: our last resort

Ok, it’s not that simple after all. But everything one after the other.

The article Our move to a new life has already told you quite a lot about us personally and our future. But the real why was still missing…until now!

Just because you want to see the world doesn’t mean you have to quit your apartment, sell your car and leave Germany for a long time. Or maybe? For us personally there is at least no other option left.

Why this is so and why we are in the middle of a complete life change, we tell you now. You will surely notice while reading, it has become again a very personal text and we let off excess steam from some valves.

How a skin disease started a life change

The trigger for our lifestyle change was a severe skin disease that affected me (Marco) approx. has been out of action for a year. Including several stays in the hospital and lots of cortisone. A look like Quasimodo was on top of it! Really cool!

Over many weeks approx. 70 – 80 % of my body swelled up around the clock and itched like a pig. The whole mess even became life threatening at some point. My throat suddenly started to get thicker and thicker during the night and the air became less and less.

But the worst thing was: For weeks, no doctor could help me, let alone tell me what was wrong! Despite initial skepticism and rejection on my part, in the end it was an alternative practitioner who straightened me out within two weeks.

Dear Robert, thank you very much for everything. Not only did you get my life back on track, but your strong views of the world made me a better person!

The trigger for all the shit was of course stress and pressure. Partly because of the work and partly because of myself. Sara had to go through an incredible amount with me during this time. I was simply the purest bundle of nerves! Really bad outbursts were part of everyday life and in some moments I really didn’t know how to go on anymore.

But the disease has changed both of us. In retrospect, I would even say that it was the best thing that could ever happen to us. I learned to appreciate life again and at some point it clicked in my head.

We have both made the biggest personal development of our lives within the last year because of it. Many attitudes and views of the world have simply turned 180°.

And now we are stronger than ever before!

Trapped in a 40-hour job


I hate my job. And really! Why this is so extreme with me? Well, at the moment I’m still working as a system electronics technician in a production company and have been "repairing" the same device over and over again for the last two years.

If it was at least real repairing… with soldering iron and such! Basically I just replace one circuit board after the other. 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month… I could puke..!

I am incredibly underchallenged, after 3 hours of work dead tired again and sometimes in the evening when I come home an aggressive Pit Bull. God keep my friend Sara!

In between, I was apparently also "deputy team leader" at one point. At least that’s what they tried to tell me, and I was an idiot who fell for it at first. Equal money for much more and much more stressful work. Good swap, or?!

In the meantime I feel like a cow in the milking station every day. Damn it, I’m 25 and I’m already longing for retirement! I could tell you 1000 other reasons why I can’t stand my job anymore, but that would go beyond the scope of this article.


I already knew during my training as a retail saleswoman that I would not enjoy my job and that it would make me unhappy. Which he then of course also did with the time! The consequence: I started a further education to become a visual merchandiser.

Thus I became responsible for the interior and window design of stores and sales areas. Again, I had a strange gut feeling during the further training and felt more bad than right. Since I am a fighter, I still pulled it through to the end.

But in the end it was again the wrong way for me. Has brought me a little bit forward, but also unnecessarily cost time, nerves and a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, I really have no problems with the job! With window and interior design you can be a bit creative and I really enjoy some of the work. This is actually exactly my thing!

Nevertheless now a correctly fat BUT comes: I cannot be here simply free! I can’t live out my creativity at work exactly the way I would like to! I should and must follow rules that often make no sense to me. I also have to put up with some things that I don’t like at all. But as a normal employee, I can’t defend myself against this either.

I would like to decide for myself what I enjoy and what gives me pleasure. And that’s how I earn my money! I would like to let my creative streak run completely free and inspire people with it.

I no longer need a vacation. I need a job that fulfills me. Then I always have vacation where I just work! Enough others have made it before us. So why not us?

Life in Germany is "nice" but character-wise no longer our case

  • a good health insurance
  • A really strong infrastructure
  • Lots of recreational opportunities
  • A low unemployment rate in the times of temporary work and Co.
  • enough to drink and eat
  • and much, much more

The fact is that no one in Germany will have to starve!

Then why leave Germany? Because we Germans have partly a terrible mentality and attitude!

Point 1:

Haste nix, biste nix. In no other country in the world have we seen such a consumer-driven society as here in Germany (yes, we haven’t been to America yet). Sometimes I get the feeling that there are some things you just don’t belong without.

Best example: In Germany so many people are in debt just to be able to buy an expensive and new car. I made the same mistake myself and financed a car several years ago.

Nothing less than 300 € is spent on this every month. And for what? For nothing and again nothing. In the meantime I got rid of my car and I don’t miss it one bit. It was a real weight off my shoulders when it was finally gone.

The fact that I was then asked by some people, totally uncomprehending, how I want to get from A to B in the future, shows me that it was exactly the right decision.

My bike is serving me quite well so far in any case.

Point 2:

Many Germans are unbelievable egoists and only look out for themselves! Helping others only if one hopes to gain an advantage for oneself. After that, the other one is usually dropped again.

Here one rather cooks quietly and secretly his own soup. Why not?? Cooking together with others? Are you crazy! Might even end up being fun, happy and create a WE feeling. No one needs that kind of crap nowadays!

I’d rather spread a few "stories from the Paulanergarten" about the bad work colleague. This may read funny and ironic, but to be honest it’s just sad.

You can achieve an incredible amount in a real community. You can make the most impossible things possible. But in Germany this point has unfortunately not come yet.

Here the rich prefer to disappear with their money to Switzerland instead of investing it in really important things!

Where does this lead to the turquoise sea??

We love the sun and the sea and we hate cold and snow. So what else to do but pack your bags every year at the end of October at the latest and move off!?

We are really real winter muffle and fall annually into the typical winter depression. We just don’t want to trudge around for several months a year with gloves, hat and scarf, like an Eskimo and still freeze.

We want warm temperatures and a nice skin color! And not be mistaken for Marilyn Manson in the winter cheese pale. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you certainly know what we mean!

Besides, there is no beautiful sea here. at least we don’t find the Baltic Sea really appealing enough to settle down there for a longer period of time.

White sandy beaches, turquoise water and healthy, multicultural food is more our area. Add to that a really awesome underwater world and all is well!

Germany is much too normal

As already mentioned above, people in Germany lack almost nothing. Even if you earn little here, it is apparently still not little enough to get really crazy ideas.

If you look around, especially in the Asian countries, you sometimes can’t get away from the spot because of the amazement. Some of the people there are destitute. But apparently poverty is the mother of invention!

Especially in big cities there is really something unbelievable to see on almost every corner. It can be nice, but sometimes also terrible. But these are the culture shocks we love and we can’t get enough of them! We just need more of them!

You see it yourself. We just can’t cope with some things here anymore. And these were just the most important points from our big list!

We feel trapped in our current situation somewhere between salaried employment and the German dreariness. Therefore we will break out! For us right now it’s the only way to get really happy again.

Everyday life out, variety in. Life change we come!

What do you say? Are there any other reasons for you to leave Germany for a longer period of time or do you see some of our statements completely different?? Off with it in the comments!

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