As an accident victim, after an accident you not only have the problem of the defective vehicle, but also stress with the insurance company. This would like to pay of course as little as possible. No matter whether your own insurance or that of the opponent, try to send you your own motor vehicle expert who will estimate the costs as low as possible.

It is your right to hire an independent motor vehicle assessor, who must also be paid by the insurance company of the person who caused the damage. This tries the insurance of course to avoid, can also get the money that is due to you.

It is one of the most important policies for landlords: landlord’s legal protection insurance. Because statistics show that landlords and tenants unfortunately often get into disputes and that these even go all the way to court: just under 10 percent of the lawsuits in civil law in recent years were conducted on rental disputes – the operating costs statement was the subject of the conflict particularly frequently. In most cases, you as the lessor bear at least part of the costs for the negotiation and for the elimination of the cause of the dispute. As this can quickly become expensive, a good landlord’s legal protection makes sense.

Which disputes are covered by the legal protection for landlords?

Landlord's legal protection: legal protection insurance for landlords

With insurance, the idea is that you take it out to cover rare cases with high cost implications. The same applies to legal protection insurance: the probability is low that one will need legal protection insurance in the next few years. But if then an accident or other liability case occurs, then one is glad that the legal protection insurance takes over the high costs. Litigation can be downright ruinous if you take a case from the first instance to the Court of Appeal and then to the Federal Supreme Court, where you lose. Then you have to pay the court and lawyer's fees of the other party, which can quickly mean several tens of thousands of francs in costs.

Premiums for legal protection insurance range from 150 to 400 Swiss francs annually for individuals or families. There are two legal protection insurances, which can be taken out either individually or as a combined package: The private legal protection insurance as well as the traffic legal protection insurance.

Yay, the vacation season is upon us! If it weren't for that suspiciously small number on your vacation account, which somehow doesn't match up at all with the prices on vacation portals and gas pumps.

We show you how to spend a great summer vacation with your family even with a small vacation budget. Because saving money on vacation is a lot more fun than you think!

A computer went head-to-head with 112 lawyers in London in 2018 – and won. Word processing, numerical analysis, chess: In the battle of machine against man, technology is constantly conquering new fields of work and regularly shows man his limits.

Legal tech rocks: is the machine the better lawyer?

The question of what a car costs in Switzerland is actually easy to answer: a lot! And probably significantly more than you will think. If you buy a vehicle, you should consider what follow-up costs you will incur. The choice of model is already decisive for this. So that you are not surprised later, we show you how to calculate the costs.

If you buy a new car, you often underestimate the costs involved. This is not only about the purchase. These costs know everyone already in the apron. What is often not considered are the costs for tax, refueling or the rent for the garage. Many factors are responsible for the fact that driving a car can become really expensive. However, the loss of value of a vehicle is the worst.

Freight bikes - a practical transport solution for craftsmen, too

Cargo bikes conquer the big cities. It's no wonder: first, they allow you to ride past traffic jams in the bike lane, and second, they make it easier to find parking spaces. Craftsmen are also increasingly using the new means of transport. What to look for when buying.

If the city center is clogged with cars again? Then a cargo bike may be the better mode of transport, increasingly so for tradesmen by the way. This is also related to the "Fleet Commerce" project, which has already been implemented in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in 2022. 2023 Dusseldorf should be one of the participating cities. Thanks to the project, craftsmen can get a grant to buy a cargo bike for economic purposes. Because the more city dwellers switch to bicycles, the better it is for the climate and also for the urban population.

A household insurance is a possibility to insure objects inside the house. This type of property insurance therefore covers damage that can occur to the inventory of a residential property as a result of a wide variety of hazards.

What does household insurance cover?
Driving a scooter - driver's license, traffic rules, fines

One of the most famous Italian scooter models was made by a helicopter engineer. A trademark of this vehicle is the free passage between the saddle and the handlebars. Even today, most scooters have a similar design. And they still enjoy great popularity. Because especially in the city it is quite convenient to drive a scooter. You are traveling comfortably and yet faster than by bicycle. To ensure that the driving experience doesn't end in disaster, it's important to heed a rule or two – for your own safety's sake.

FAQ: Riding a scooter

Which driving license do I need to drive a scooter?

The motor vehicle liability insurance is a legally prescribed component of the car insurance. it covers claims for damages caused to others (third parties) by the operation of your vehicle. The own motor vehicle liability insurance does not cover damages to the own vehicle. For the coverage of own damages the comprehensive insurance is responsible.

The legal claims underlying in the motor vehicle liability claim differ from the contractual claims in the motor vehicle own damage claim.