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Tax advisor for physicians


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How successfully your practice runs depends, of course, primarily on your personal performance as a doctor. However, since your practice is also a business, it must also be economically and commercially well positioned in order to be successful in the long term. It makes sense to work with an experienced tax and business start-up consultant for physicians right from the beginning, starting with the first steps of setting up your own business. We can assist you as a trustworthy, competent partner in all commercial matters. Once the practice has been successfully established, we as your tax advisor for physicians in Cologne will of course be happy to take care of the ongoing business management and tax advice.

Use our knowledge – we are looking forward to it!

Establishment of practice

The first steps in setting up a business include clarifying whether you want to start a practice from scratch or whether you would prefer to buy something that already exists. When setting up a practice, you have the advantage of being able to determine everything yourself from the very beginning and z.B. do not have to take over existing staff and equipment. It is to be considered however that your patient master is to be built up thereby completely new. For well-known reasons, the establishment of a new practice has become the rather rare case, but if you decide to establish a private practice, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on all business and tax issues, starting with the business plan. As a tax consultant for physicians, we are completely independent and do not receive commissions from any side, so you can trust our advice.

Purchase of a practice or a share

How you would like to work? What offer do you have? Would you like to acquire an individual practice or a share in a professional practice association (BAG) or a medical care center (MVZ)?? Is the required purchase price appropriate? We are also happy to prepare a practice evaluation.
As a tax consultant for physicians we will support you with good arguments in the negotiations with the transferor. We check the contracts from a tax point of view and arrange the purchase and financing in a tax-optimal way. On request, we accompany you to the bank appointments and/or check the financing on offer. Have you taken advantage of all the funding possibilities, such as.B. the start-up money or ERP capital for founding?

Practice evaluation

There is no one objective value of a practice. We determine for you the financial range in which you can meet with the seller for fair purchase price negotiations.
So that you can plan how you will stand economically in the future, d.h. if the offer is attractive for you in this respect, we calculate for you what the "bottom line" will be.
We calculate for you what is to be paid out of your profit or income tax. Profit share after deduction of loan repayments and your personal tax burden remains for your lifestyle.
We do not want you to experience any unpleasant surprises.
Once the medical practice is successfully established, we will of course be happy to provide your ongoing tax advice.

Individual practice

When choosing the type of practice, there are several aspects to consider. As tax consultants for physicians, we know the advantages and risks of the various forms and will be happy to advise you on what makes the most sense for you personally.
The single practice is the simplest case from the tax point of view. You alone are entitled to the entire practice profit. From an income tax point of view, physicians belong to the catalog exempt professionals of § 18 EStG (German Income Tax Act). The profit of your practice leads to freelance income in your income tax return. From the possible medical co-operation forms we would like to illuminate now the BAG and the MVZ more near.


If you join forces with other colleagues to form a BAG, the situation is somewhat different. A BAG is basically a co-entrepreneurship. All bear co-entrepreneurial risk and can develop co-entrepreneurial initiative. In a BAG, the physicians keep a joint patient file and bill via a joint billing number. All physicians must be named on the letterhead and on the practice nameplate. You appear to the outside world as ONE practice and are also jointly liable. A BAG requires the approval of the licensing committee.

A tax advisor for physicians will ask you about the legal form of your intended BAG when setting up your practice. The BAG can be run as a GbR or as a partnership company (PartG). Both forms are partnerships, d.h. you are SELF not liable to pay income tax. No income tax return is prepared for the BAG or the PartG, but a declaration of assessment is prepared.
With this, the profits are determined uniformly and separately and distributed among the colleagues. Your profit shares lead back to freelance income in your private income tax return.
As tax advisors for physicians, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about BAGs and their taxation.


Several physicians also join forces in an MVZ. And even in the case of an MVZ, a tax consultant for physicians will ask you about the legal form when you set up the practice. In principle, all legal forms are permissible for an MVZ. So you can join together as a partnership in the legal form of a GbR or a PartG or choose a corporation in the legal form of a GmbH or AG.
An MVZ is defined as a physician-managed facility in which the physicians work as employees or contract physicians.
Both the partnership and the corporation can have both variants, the employee variant and the contract physician variant.

The MVZ as a partnership

In the case of the salaried variant, a contract physician transfers his license to the MVZ when the MVZ is founded and will work as a salaried physician in the future. From his employment activity he then achieves income from non-self-employed work. The tax problem with this variant is the disclosure of hidden reserves, which would lead to an undesirable tax burden.
As a tax consultant for physicians, we will work out a solution to this problem for you. This can consist of the previous contract physician becoming a partner in the MVZ GbR or MVZ PartG. Then one can apply the special regulations of the transformation tax law, which permit a book value continuation. We will explain to you in detail how exactly this works and what tax advantages this has for you.
You can trust in our expert knowledge as tax consultants for physicians.

With the contract physician variant, the practice is brought into the MVZ in return for the granting of company rights. But the health insurance license does not go with over.
In the case of the contract physician variant, the physician becomes a co-entrepreneur in any case. He thus achieves income from the MVZ from self-employed activity.
But even with this variant, there is a tax problem in that the health insurance license, which represents an essential basis of the business, is not also transferred. Here, too, the problem of the disclosure of hidden reserves lurks, along with tax burdens that are not desired.
In this case, there is no solution to the problem via the Reorganization Tax Act.
Here, too, we as tax consultants for physicians are at your side to show you solutions that prevent the unwanted tax effects.

The MVZ as a corporation

If you would like to establish an MVZ as a GmbH (limited liability company), the two options of the employee variant and the contract physician variant are also available here in principle.
In the case of an MVZ in the form of a GmbH, a distinction must always be made between the level of the company (MVZ-GmbH) and the level of the shareholders (the physicians).
As tax consultants for physicians, we will be happy to explain to you in a personal meeting which tax regulations apply in each case and what this means for you.

There is a further tax risk in the case of medical care centers with regard to trade tax. Doctors or associations of doctors are only recognized as freelancers if they work in a managerial capacity and on their own responsibility. If the MVZ employs specialists, caution is required in various respects. The employed specialists must be instructed by the shareholders. This considerably limits the number of physicians who can be employed. A further restriction results in technical regard. Since the shareholders must provide professional guidance to the employed physicians, only physicians who have the same professional orientation as the shareholders can be employed. If mistakes are made here, the shareholders of the MVZ face the loss of their freelancer status. You would then – even as doctors – be reclassified as traders and would have to pay trade tax. As tax advisors for physicians, we lay the foundation for ensuring that no tax problems arise.

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