Zodiac signs and their driving skills

Whether young or old, male or female, horoscopes are very popular and many people believe in the power of the stars. Belief in the stars or zodiac signs has long been not only about love, but about very different areas of life.

Whether you are spiritually inclined or not, numbers clearly speak for themselves! Although there is of course no scientific evidence that the zodiac sign has an influence on one's driving skills, according to an analysis from 2021 by the insurer "Verti", certain zodiac signs are a little more careless on the road than others.


Zodiac signs and their driving skills


Accident frequency

The results of the analysis show that the shooters (born between 23. November and 21. December) had the fewest accidents. In second place with the lowest number of accidents are the fish (born between the 20. February and 20. March).

The twins (born between January 21 and January 19) are quite different. May and 21. June) off – The air sign was involved in the most accidents in 2021. The Gemini is often said to have two faces. So he likes to test out the maximum speed of his fancy car, only to be upset a moment later by the tailgater behind him. The big plus of the air sign is its good orientation in traffic, its minus is its changeable temperament, thus its driving behavior changes depending on the mood between lame duck and lead foot.

Just behind the Gemini may the zodiac sign Cancer (born between 22. June and 22. July) shine, because this is also very risky on the way.

Damage height

Capricorns (born between 22. December and 20. January) are also scapegoats according to the analysis and occupy the first place here. They caused more than 22.2 million euros of damage last year! Immediately followed by the zodiac sign Leo (born between 23. July and 23. August), Aries (born between the 21. March and 20. April) and Pisces.

On the other hand, it looks really good for Taurus (born between 21. April and 20. May) – This zodiac sign causes the lowest amount of damage. The Aquarius (born between 21. January and 19. February) sits right behind.

Well insured?

Ibexes not only cause the highest accident costs, but are also the worst insured. According to the Verti, this zodiac sign most often relies only on liability insurance, while Sagittarians, Libra (born between the 24. September and 23. October) and virgins (born between 24. August and 23. September) prefer to cover yourself with comprehensive coverage.

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