Ritual for me to pay a quick debt

If you must know how to do a ritual To pay me a debt, you must be aware of these words: "Neither borrower nor lender." These famous words came from Polonius, Shakespeare's chief advisor to King Claudius in Hamlet. When Polonio gives fatherly advice to his son Laertes, Shakespeare gives us a timeless piece of advice: don't lend your friends money.

Why not lend money to friends and family? Polonio responds to this in his next line: "With loan he loses himself and his friend". Polonio knew that a loan to a friend or relative often leads to the loss of the money and the relationship.

In a rescheduling, borrowers replace one or more existing loans with the bank with a new loan. Debt rescheduling offers the possibility of benefiting from newer models for loans – adapted to the current life situation – and of having to repay less overall.

Especially if a crisis occurs, the already existing financing should be checked for the risk of rising interest rates. The offers of loans in Austria are rich and often not directly comparable. For this reason, borrowers can very well check with the help of an independent expert, whether the rescheduling of debt at the house or another bank is an optimal choice.

What's new in taxes at the beginning of the year?

The beginning of 2023 brings a host of tax changes. The following is an overview of selected legal adjustments:

Income Tax

As of July 2023, the third bracket of the income tax rate will be reduced from 42% to 40%. To simplify, a blended rate of 41% is applied for the entire year 2023. For the second stage, the tax rate in 2023 is 30.

List of free online courses with certificates in the UK.

In this article, you will find the list of online courses with certificates in the UK and many more helpful information when you read the article. This article contains the following subtopics; What are the most popular online courses in Germany?, What are the four types of online courses? and more.