Traveling with baby – where to go with baby? The 3 best destinations

Traveling with baby - Where to go with baby? The 3 best destinations

Are you looking for information and perhaps advice on excursions with baby ? Just because you have just had a baby does not mean you have to stop traveling! With a little organization and a good destination of travel, going with baby is quite possible and as pleasant for the parents as for the child.

To enlighten you, here is a brief practical guide that, among other things, answers the questions you may ask yourself Trips with baby :

  • How to travel with a toddler from what age?
  • What formalities for traveling with a baby?
  • Travel by car, train or plane with baby?
  • What kind of travel to prefer with a baby?

And finally, to close this file, you will find my selection of 3 best destinations to travel with a baby in France, in Europe and much farther .

Traveling with a toddler – From what age?

From his 1 er months, your baby can travel anywhere in France and abroad. However, the pace of a trip is hardly compatible with the pace of a baby under 3 months. In fact, an infant needs a lot of sleep and a lot of milk during the day. If you decide to go sightseeing with a baby under 3 months old, it is likely that you will not enjoy the trip and will disrupt the rhythm of your child’s life.

It will be better until you wait baby is at least 3 or 4 months old consider taking him sightseeing.

Traveling with baby – how to organize it?

The golden rule for a successful trip with a baby is to anticipate and organize well.

In fact, this type of trip must be prepared several months in advance and especially not at the last minute on a whim!

Baby health

No matter what destination you choose, a visit to the pediatrician is essential to check vaccines and provide a special first aid kit for babies.

You need to take both the baby’s health record and vaccination records. Do not hesitate to ask his pediatrician for advice depending on the destination of the trip.

For more information (vaccination requirements depending on the country), visit the website of thePastor Institute and the website France Diplomacy.

Baby food site

It will be necessary to count the number of meals and plan accordingly. Whether it’s powdered milk, small jars or snacks, if you’re not going too long, it’s better to plan to bring enough and prefer light and easy to take packages. Of course, you can buy on the spot, but at least for the first few days .

Also think about bottles and other important accessories.

Baby suitcase site

Baby’s suitcase varies by destination Whatever you choose, there are a number of things you can plan for each trip.

Here is a small checklist that can be used as a basis for all travel with baby and can be done on a case by case basis:

  • Health book,
  • ID card or passport (see details below),
  • Family book;
  • First aid kit (get advice from your pediatrician depending on the age);
  • Toiletries (wipes, diapers, bath milk, shampoo, cotton, towels, etc.);
  • Clothing depending on the destination;
  • small fleece blanket for all occasions .
  • Food supplies (powdered milk, small jars, etc.);
  • his blanket (not to forget!) and some space-saving toys;
  • Bibs, pacifiers, bottles and teats, and night light if needed .
  • dorsal or ventral baby carrier;
  • Travel changing pad;
  • Multi-pocket bag for baby items for travel by car, train, plane or bus.

Baby formalities

Administrative documents, airline tickets, train tickets . everything depends on the type of trip and the destination you have chosen for your trip. travel with baby.

However, if your destination is abroad the same rules apply as for a minor child: a national identity card in his name for European countries and a passport for all other countries and sometimes in addition a visa.

When you ask about your own formalities at the embassy, consulate or airline, also ask about the required and mandatory documents for traveling with your baby.

And above all, expect as much as possible to make your requests, as delivery times vary greatly.

In terms ofHealth insuranceJust as with adults, you can ask the CPAM for a European Health Insurance Card This will not allow you to advance medical expenses in all European countries.

And since this does not apply to countries outside Europe, you can also take out additional insurance for your baby.

Travel by car with baby

Car is a comfortable and practical way to travel with baby!

In fact, you can take with the car as many things as possible and accessories that will facilitate your daily life with your baby. In addition, travel by car is in freedom! You can leave whenever you want (it is often better to drive at night while the baby is sleeping), drive as long as you want, stop or take breaks where you want or when the baby needs it … After all, it is a means of transportation that allows your baby to be installed comfortably.

PracticalRemember to take a sun visor, a small fleece blanket and mineral water with you. Note that you can plug the bottle warmer into the cigarette lighter and that highway gas stations are generally accessible to travelers with babies (restrooms with changing tables, etc.).) are equipped.

Travel by train with baby

This way of traveling with baby has many advantages:

  • Have the opportunity to rest at the same time as the baby during the trip.
  • Be able to feed and change your baby during the trip (no time wasted stopping);
  • Plan a specific arrival time (no traffic problems…).

But for traveling by train with baby you need to limit your luggage and therefore provide a minimum of things to take with you .

PracticalKeep in mind that only trains with bar or restaurant cars offer the possibility of heating the bottle or baby food. Most trains in France have changing tables, but not necessarily abroad.

In France, the SNCF offers a Very useful service, especially for mothers traveling with a baby : the luggage delivery service. If you pay extra, request that your luggage be picked up from home and delivered to the arrival address. This is extremely practical if you are traveling with a baby and can not take everything with you.

Travel by plane with baby

Provided your baby does not have an ear infection, there is nothing to prevent him from traveling by plane. As stated at the beginning of the article, it is best to wait until your baby is at least 3 to 4 months old to plan a trip with him/her.

The advantage of air travel with babyis that it is fast!

In fact, sometimes it is better to plan a trip of 1 to 2 hours by plane than 10 or 12 hours by car with baby. Right now, airlines are meeting the comfort needs of babies (carrycots or hanging cradles, more spacious seats for parents, changing tables, ability to heat the bottle or baby food).

The main disadvantage of traveling by air with your baby is that the luggage is limited both in number and weight .

What kind of travel with a baby to prefer?

No matter how old your baby is, for more comfort and rest, it will be better to choose a hotel stay rather than a circuit touristique.

Once you get there, you can put down your things once and for all, organize and manage your daily life more easily than by changing hotels without stopping and by following a route that requires several means of transportation .

In this way, your baby’s rhythm will be less disturbed if you stay in the same hotel than on a trip. The trip will also be less complicated for you in terms of logistics and fatigue.

The ideal for a pleasant trip with a baby is to stay a stay by the sea or thalassotherapy or a tourist stay (but within a radius of your hotel). Of course, one does not prevent the other and you can combine the three: Stay at the sea + thalassotherapy + tourism with baby !

Here is now my selection of 3 best travel destinations with baby.

3 best destinations to travel with baby

Think about the following when choosing the ideal destination according to your tastes, budget and requirements:

  • Countries or places to high altitude (Peru, Colombia…),
  • Countries that are too hot or too cold,
  • Countries with poor sanitary conditions (India, some African countries, isolated islands…),
  • Countries where there is a risk of disease or infection (malaria, etc.).

To help you if you have no idea, here are 3 destinations to travel with baby in good conditions and without health risks.

Traveling with baby - Where to go with baby? The 3 best destinations

Where to go with baby in France?

Why be thousands of miles away when we have heavenly beaches and beautiful natural sites? France ? This is what I told myself when I found out Corsica.

And a trip to Corsica with a babyis able not to go too far, with a sunny climate and the possibility of green and cultural tourism with the bonus of renowned gastronomy.

For Stay in Corsica and combine sea and tourismI recommend the Balagne region. With a well placed hotel you can shine and discover everywhere: the Agriates desert, Calvi, Ile Rousse, the Scandola reserve and the Calanques de Piana.

Note that there are half-day or full-day bus excursions from Calvi for:

  • the Lotu beach;
  • Saint Florent;
  • Porto;
  • The Calanques of Piana;
  • The villages of Balagne;
  • Corte;
  • Le Cape Corsica and Bastia

with Autocars Mariani Tel: +33 (0) 4 95 65 04 72

Recommended hotel with a baby in Corsica

50 meters from the beach of Calvi and 800 meters from the port Calvi Hotel is perfect for a stay with your baby.

In fact, its location is ideal with direct access to the beaches of the pine forest. The family rooms are well equipped, spacious, comfortable and the service impeccable. Calvi can be discovered on foot from the hotel on the beach.

The bonus is the free private parking and car rental on site.

Where to go with baby in Europe?

Without jet lag and a few hours from France, a travel with a baby to Europe is a good compromise to discover a different culture but without the hassle of a distant trip.

But it is quite difficult to choose the best destination with a baby in Europe. In fact there are many of them and each more interesting than the other.

Traveling with baby - Where to go with baby? The 3 best destinations

If you do not knowAndalusiaThis can be the opportunity to discover a travel with your baby this region of Spain so beautiful and so rich in heritage.

This destination also allows you to combine vacations lazing on the beach with beautiful cultural and tourist visits as in Jerez, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Malaga, Seville, Jaen . See the itinerary of me road trip in Andalusia.

Attention, however, to plan your trip after spring or fall to avoid excessive heat that would be difficult for your baby to endure .

Recommended hotel with a baby in Andalusia

Forget the bad publicity in Marbella and look at the practical side of this seaside resort… 50 km from Malaga, 60 km from Ronda, 70 km from Gibraltar, 2 hours from Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba, stay in Marbella is the best place to visit Andalusia !

And the Vincci Seleccion Estrella del Mar. is a hotel I can especially recommend carefree vacation with a baby. In fact, it is a comfortable hotel with first class services and facilities, which includes childcare. To take care of you:

  • Spa
  • Wellness area,
  • 7 massage rooms,
  • Sauna,
  • Turkish baths,
  • Sports hall,
  • Fityoga and Aquapilates classes .

Traveling with baby - Where to go with baby? The 3 best destinations

Which exotic destination with a baby?

Desire for exoticism, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a change of scenery?

For exotic trip with your babyis theMauritius that I recommend with eyes closed!

In fact, everything is cheap for travel with baby to Mauritius :

  • Ideal climate (warm but temperate),
  • few hours of flight (direct flights from some cities in France),
  • small time difference,
  • Everything is easy to organize (no visa required) .

White sandy beaches, coconut palms and lagoons in turquoise waters will delight you. If you want to discover the richness of this paradisiacal island, you can do it during the day without planning a travel tour.

The sweetness of life, the sense of hospitality and the friendliness of the Mauritians and the great sights are all yours!

Just choose a well placed accommodation and all around flutter the whole easy to discoverMauritius with your baby.

Recommended hotel with a baby in Mauritius

Located in freshwater hole, on a magnificent white sand beach, the Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort& Spa enjoys an ideal location for discover Mauritius, take advantage of seaside pleasures and take care of yourself : swimming pool, spas, hamam, jacuzzi, massages, water sports and activities, gourmet restaurant .

The little extra for staying with a baby is its babysitting service.

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