Car insurance without schufa?

In Germany, it is a legal requirement that every registered vehicle is insured with a motor vehicle liability insurance policy. To ensure that in the event of an accident, the damages incurred by the person who caused the accident can be paid for.


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But what about the people who have a bad Schufa, can they also get car insurance? The answer is definitely yes!

Car insurance in a nutshell!

In Germany, it is up to each driver to decide which car insurance policy to take out for his or her vehicle.

Excluding the legally regulated motor liability, there are two other variants that can be taken out in addition to the liability insurance.

The two comprehensive insurances, the partial cover and the fully comprehensive insurance which can be booked as an option to the motor liability insurance.

The three insurance policies briefly explained:

  • Motor vehicle liability insurance: It is required by law and every motorist must have at least this insurance in order to drive a vehicle in Germany. With this insurance you get the minimum insurance required by law as well as the coverage of the damage in an accident of the injured party.
  • Partial cover: with the partial cover are further received benefits such as: Burglary, theft, glass breakage, fire and explosion, collision with furred game, marten damage, direct severe weather impacts (hail, flood, storm, lightning) and rock fall. The partial cover insurance can be taken out with a deductible. Due to the own participation in the repair costs the insurance premium falls.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance: Fully comprehensive insurance includes all the benefits of partial comprehensive insurance, plus additional fully comprehensive benefits such as the cost of repairing the vehicle if the customer is at fault. damage caused by vandalism, defacement or scratching of the vehicle. In case of engine damage or hit and run of unknown persons. The comprehensive insurance can also be concluded with a deductible and thus the insurance premium can be reduced.

Attention! Loss of insurance coverage possible! The insurer has the right in case of alcohol or drug consumption caused damage to deny the insurance benefit. Also in the case of gross conduct in road traffic or damage caused intentionally.

Schufa credit rating decides the insurance tariff and the type of insurance!

The Schufa credit report of a customer is obtained for every application check. If it turns out badly, the insurance coverage may be possible only with some restrictions. The restrictions also vary from insurance to insurance.

Concretely, this can mean for you:

  • The refusal of a comprehensive insurance cover.
  • A limitation of the coverage sums in the motor vehicle liability to the legal minimum.
  • No additional services or special conditions such as the exclusion of certain contract clauses.

With which insurer I have good chances to get a car insurance without Schufa?

Normally, any car insurance company should be able to provide you with at least the legally required motor liability coverage. But the reality seems to be different, because there are a dozen testimonies of insurance seekers who have been rejected.

According to our research and customer testimonials, there are some car insurance companies that are very accommodating and no problems in checking the car insurance without Schufa or. despite bad Schufa credit rating have made.

May a car insurance refuse me?

The negative features in the Schufa data information should NOT play a decisive role in the allocation of a car insurance policy. If, for example, you are in private insolvency, it is not, according to the law, a reason for refusal of the motor liability insurance application.

Also the delivery of an affidavit (oath of disclosure) may not be a reason for refusal. Every car insurance company is obliged by law (§ 5 PflVG) to provide motor third party liability insurance. There are a few exceptions and they are as follows:

Compulsory insurance law

The application may only be refused if factual or local restrictions in the business plan of the insurance company prevent the conclusion of the contract or if the applicant was already insured with the insurance company and the insurance company

  • contested the insurance contract due to threat or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • has withdrawn from the insurance contract due to breach of the pre-contractual duty of disclosure or due to non-payment of the first premium or
  • has terminated the insurance contract due to default on premiums or after the occurrence of an insured event.

If these reasons for rejection do not apply to you, but a private insolvency or even existing negative Schufa entries, then contact the insurance company again and point them to § 5 PflVG and request to reconsider your application.

What you should know! Please note that the compulsory insurance law only applies to the conclusion of a motor vehicle liability insurance contract and not to partial or fully comprehensive insurance.

What can I do that I get a comprehensive insurance despite Schufa?

You have several options to improve your chances of getting a comprehensive car insurance despite a bad credit rating (Schufa).

  • Take out the semi-annual payment or better yet the annual payment method.
  • Use your vehicle only for private purposes.
  • Have the vehicle insured through another person (life partner).

If you have any further questions about car insurance or about car insurance without credit rating then do not hesitate we will try to answer them as soon as possible!


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