Prime minister pedro passos coelho on saturday expressed his "deep concern" about a court ruling that the previous evening had declared several austerity decisions by the center-right government illegal.

It's kase weeks at burger-king, also in the branch in himmelkron. But the employees are currently pissed off about something else entirely: a report on RTL with investigative journalist gunter wallraff. He had smuggled in a reporter incognito in a west german restaurant of the chain. What he had to offer was impressively unappetizing: germy burgers, ingredients that remained unrefrigerated for hours. In addition work contracts, which carry exploitative zuge.

When talking to BR, none of the employees in himmelkron wants to come out of hiding at first. Only when we pledged anonymity did one of the employees agree to pay. "The shown conditions are blatant. But I can say for our branch: that certainly doesn't happen here."

Traffic jams in leipzig's karl-liebknecht-strabe from late afternoon onwards. But that's not because of the traffic, but because of the long lines of people in front of the bike department east.

There will be a continuation date. Then the woman who spoke of "disgust and shame" in july 2018 will have her say spoke. In room 11 of the district court, a case about exhibitionist acts was called up on friday.

Windsor (dpa) – prince harry and meghan drive through the evening sun in a shining blue convertible. It's the last public appearance on their wedding day. The jaguar is chic and classic – and yet different.

Mayor nico rogge drew attention to the hygiene concepts at the youngest municipal council meeting in the run-up to the upcoming castle meetings. These had to be adhered to at all three locations. Drinks, says rogge, may be sold, meals will not be available. A maximum of 100 participants can be admitted per meeting. In this context, rogge regretted that the state building authority was unfortunately unable to give a presentation to the burgers.

Action for protection against dismissal - your options in the event of dismissal

It often comes unexpectedly and then hits all the harder: If your employer has given notice, you don’t have to accept it in all cases. The first and most important step is to question whether the termination is even effective in the sense of the Dismissal Protection Act (KSchG). For this purpose, the legislator has created the possibility of an action for protection against dismissal. In the court proceedings, it is checked whether the termination meets all basic and formal requirements to become effective.

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Give 3 weeks notice
The filing of an action for protection against dismissal is only possible within a period of three weeks.

SUVs are getting more expensive to insure

Hello my friend, it’s me, your car insurance premium. I’m not set in stone, but if you’re unlucky enough to live in an area where accident rates are rising significantly, then the start of a new insurance year may see a change in what are known as regional classes. For you, this may mean that you will have to pay a higher premium in the future because the likelihood of accidents in your region has increased. You pay even if you don’t cause an accident.

Higher, faster, farther while protecting the environment? It can be done, as these four promising start-ups demonstrate through their success and victory in KfW's Grunden 2020 award.

Lightning delivery of vaccinations and medicines

Going green with these startups

With the speed of an ICE train, the Wingcopter brings medicines and vaccines to any desired location. (Photo: Wingcopter) The Wingcopter is a drone that transports medicines and vaccines from point A to point B at speeds of up to 240 mph. The two founders started tinkering with such a solution early on. So says one of the founders and CEO, Tom Plummer:

The Corona pandemic also has the local communications industry firmly in its grip. Martin Bonelli, lawyer at the German Association of Communication Agencies (GWA), gives companies and agencies advice on the most pressing legal issues.

Cancellations, data protection and short-time work: tips for companies

Even if an employer sends its employees to the home office, it must ensure data protection.